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Can I get financial aid or scholarships to help pay my pre-college program tuition?


Yes, there are a number of ways to get financial aid and/or scholarships to help cover the cost of attending a pre-college program. read more

Where Famous People Went to Summer Camp

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Worried about getting bored this summer? So were these guys. Instead, these famous people went to summer camp! read more

What to Expect at Debate Camp

Student, Flathead High School

Arguing for the sake of arguing isn't usually the best way to win friends...unless they're your besties from debate camp. Here, one camper explains what debate camp is all about. read more

Baseball Camp: The All-American Summer

Senior Editor, Porter Sargent Handbooks

Maybe you play for your high school team, a team in your hometown, or both. That may be enough baseball for you, but players who really want to take their game to the next level should take heart: top-notch instruction is available at summer camps across the nation. read more

Stay Sharp this Summer Without Breaking the Bank


TIME magazine's August 2, 2010, cover story delivered a headline sure to strike fear into the hearts of kids everywhere. In "The Case Against Summer Vacation," author David Von Drehle worries that American students are falling behind children around the world, who in many cases spend four weeks longer in school each year. read more