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All About Pre-college Summer Programs

High School Student

For many students, e-mails from pre-college summer programs are nothing more than annoying spam. But deleting them without a second thought might be a big mistake... read more

Get Ahead with Summer Internships in High School

Editor, Porter Sargent Handbooks

More and more companies are offering internships specifically to high school students, so why wait? read more

How to Find Internships for Business Majors

CEO and Founder, GetSet

Internships are an important tool for gaining experience and learning about one's preferences and interests. read more

Your Best Summer Ever Starts Now (Sort Of)!

Student, Landstown High School

There are tons of summer programs for all of your interests that you can (and should) take part in! More importantly, you should start thinking about them now. read more

Top Summer Programs for Students With a Global Mindset

Student, Beloit College

If you're interested in exploring the world and making it a better place, a summer program with a global focus could be just the thing for you. read more

The Rundown on Summer Programs

Student, Judge Memorial Catholic High School

"Summer programs?! But it's barely fall!" We get it. But the thing is, they fill up fast, so if you're remotely interested in a camp for next summer, you need start planning now! read more

A Day in the Life at an Academic Summer Camp: Yale Young Global Scholars

Student, Johns Hopkins University

Not all summer camps are canoes and campfires... read more

A Look at Journalism Camps

Student, Lake Central High School

Many people like watching the news, but creating the news is a completely different story. If you want to be the one to tell it, journalism camp may be the perfect choice for you. read more

Find Your Shell at Summer Camp

Student, Fairhaven High School

So, hermit crabs seek out bigger shells that fit them better. What does this have to do with summer camps? They're both all about finding the right fit! Stick with us . . . read more

What to Expect at Debate Camp

Student, Flathead High School

Arguing for the sake of arguing isn't usually the best way to win friends...unless they're your besties from debate camp. Here, one camper explains what debate camp is all about. read more