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Great Colleges and Universities for Performing Arts in the Midwest and West

Looking for a college or university with great Performing Arts programs? These schools across the West and Midwest may have just what you're looking for.


Great Colleges and Universities for Performing Arts in the South

Do you have a passion to perform ready to burst from you? These arts schools in the Southern United States are great places to earn your degree and shine!


Great Colleges and Universities for Performing Arts in the Northeast

Planning to study Music, Dance, or Theater in college? These performing arts schools in the Northeastern United States are great places to earn a degree!


What You Need to Know About Theatre Programs and Admission

Interested in pursuing Theatre in college? Learn about admission, auditions, curricula, degree options, and so much more with this comprehensive guide!

Vice President of Enrollment Management, Stephens College

Video: How to Stay Healthy on Set

In this video, student vlogger Lucia offers some advice on how to stay healthy while on a college film set.


Applying to Theater Schools: What You Need to Know

Finding the right theater program and auditioning can be a little intimidating. Here's what you should know before applying to performing arts schools.

Freelance Writer

How I Learned to Make It in College Theater

Emily auditioned for every theater production she could during her first two weeks at college. And she didn't get into a single one. Here are the lessons she learned.

Student, Morehead State University

College Audition Do's and Don'ts

Strengthen your college auditions and wow the judges with these tips and tricks!

Student, Woodgrove High School

Out of the Spotlight: All About Behind the Scenes Majors and Careers in Theater

From directing to costume design, there are tons of off-stage career options within the theater. Let's explore some crucial backstage roles you can pursue.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

4 Performing Arts College Audition Mistakes Students Should Avoid

Have a college admission audition on the horizon for a performing arts program? Avoid stepping into these pitfalls for a smooth, successful performance!

Student Journalist

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