The Best College Majors for Your Zodiac Sign

You probably shouldn't live your whole life by your zodiac sign, but according to the stars, some majors and careers may fit better than others. Find yours now!

Whether you're a believer or not, astrology tends to make some pretty accurate claims about personalities. And personality plays a huge factor in what career you’ll thrive in and which ones just aren’t for you. So by default, your zodiac sign’s meaning could potentially translate to your ideal career path! If you aren't sure which major or field to consider, look no further. Here are the best college majors for each zodiac sign.

Majors for Aquariuses

January 20–February 18

As an Aquarius, you're likely a rational, friendly person. You may also be an extrovert—someone who gains energy from socializing with a group. Choosing a path that allows you to be communicative and knowledgeable and thrive off of others will bring you satisfaction. The best majors for Aquariuses include:

  • Journalism: You could interview people, write informative articles, or deliver news live on television.
  • Sociology: This field allows you to learn about human behavior and work with other people.

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Majors for Pisces

February 19–March 20

As a water sign, Pisces tend to be passionate, sensitive, and able to perceive other people's feelings. You could put your emotional side to work and make a difference for individuals to achieve success through human connections. Some of the best majors for Pisces are:

  • Psychology: This is perfect since you're already in tune with the human psyche.
  • Social Work: You’re likely good at empathizing with others, which comes in handy here.

Majors for Aries

March 21–April 19

Aries tend to be fearless, innovative leaders. As a fire sign, you maintain dynamic energy through all you do. Whatever you decide to major in, be sure to look for careers that require bold leaders and independent thinkers. Some good possibilities include:

  • Pre-law: Since you love to win, right?
  • Pre-med: Change lives in the medical field (if you want to follow any medical path, it’s best to plan early on in your college career).

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Majors for Tauruses

April 20–May 20

Tauruses are both headstrong and practical. As a result, you can stand firm amid difficult obstacles. Any Taurus should choose a path that requires tangible skills and puts them to good use. Ideal majors include:

  • Business or Management: From running a corporate company to managing people or properties, you can do a lot of grounded work with a Business degree.
  • Engineering: This disciplined field also allows you to make a difference in the world.

Majors for Geminis

May 21–June 20

Gemini is an air sign that prospers within social scenes. Your ideal academic and career path revolves around your curiosity. You can also be super charismatic, so choose a field that allows you to work with others. The best majors for Gemini include:

  • Communication: Go into advertising, public relations, or broadcasting!
  • Foreign Language: You could become a translator or teacher and work with many different kinds of people.

Majors for Cancers

June 21–July 22

Like Pisces, Cancers are very intuitive. You’re also in tune with your nurturing side and thrive in environments where you develop personal bonds with others. Any job that allows you to connect with people will have you thriving in life. The best majors for Cancers are:

  • Early Childhood Education: Working with children for a living would be very rewarding for you.
  • Counseling: You're incredibly understanding, which can help in a field like this.

Majors for Leos

July 23–August 22

Leos love to be the center of attention—and that's not an undesirable trait! You're just confident and assured and have a lot to share. As a showstopper, you should choose a career that lets you shine. Some of the best majors for you include:

  • Performing Arts: Show off your talents to audiences everywhere.
  • Political Science: If you're interested in politics, you'll do perfectly on a debate stage.

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Majors for Virgos

August 23–September 22

As an Earth sign, you're grounded and analytical—which are much-needed traits for a lot of careers. You're also super composed and precise, so put those traits to work in a challenging but rewarding career. Some possibilities for Virgos include:

  • Environmental Science: Use research and your powerful mind to help our planet thrive.
  • Programming: You may love to write code or crunch numbers, so this is the job for you.

Majors for Libras

September 23–October 22

Libras enjoy balance and serenity, which makes you perfect for careers that require a little mitigation. Picking a path that allows you to solve significant issues is the key to your happiness and success. The best majors for Libra would be:

  • Human Resources: Help create an ideal workplace as you resolve conflicts and support employees.
  • Philosophy: You love to consider meaningful solutions that make the world a better place, and you can apply that to many career paths with this major.

Majors for Scorpios

October 23–November 21

For the most part, Scorpios tend to be expressive, but not in the way of their emotions. And like other water signs, you’re also perceptive. If you can project your emotions accurately, you'll be excellent at whatever you do. The best majors for Scorpio are:

  • Creative Writing: Channel your emotions through the written word and dazzle the world with your prose.
  • Criminal Justice: Use your passion and power to keep others safe in this noble career.

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Majors for Sagittariuses

November 22–December 21

These individuals tend to be adaptable dreamers. They can envision scenarios at any moment and know how to cultivate interest and lead others. Whatever career path you choose should exercise your need for knowledge to create whatever comes to mind. The best majors for Sagittarius include:

  • Education: You can spark a love for learning in others with your passion.
  • Architecture: Turn mere concepts into living, breathing structures with this degree.

Majors for Capricorns

December 22–January 19

Capricorns tend to be influential figures in every sense. You’re responsible and well established, and you'll do well in roles that give you a lot of responsibility and structure. Here are the best majors for Capricorns:

  • Economics: Capricorns seem to understand money more than others; if that’s you, choose this path.
  • Computer Science: Use technology to make a difference and keep your mind sharp.

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While this is mainly just for fun and you shouldn’t choose your major based only on your star sign, it’s interesting to think about and can certainly give you some more insight into options that may be good for you. So if you're on the fence about which college major to choose, consider your options based on your personality traits—your zodiac sign could be the first clue to your perfect fit.

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