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Cedar Crest College

Allentown, PA

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More than anything, the study of science should be collaborative—it should be real. At Cedar Crest College, it is. Here, science means more time for independent research, more hands-on time with the latest scientific instrumentation and equipment, and more time with experts and mentors. At Cedar Crest, students discover countless ways to love the sciences—and even more ways to succeed.

The health sciences at Cedar Crest College—Public Health, Health Science, Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion and Wellness—are the perfect match for our practical approach to learning. Wellness and fitness, in particular, have emerged among the fastest-growing trends in health care as expansive areas of research and opportunity. Public health, nutrition, and exercise science are growing rapidly as well. Perfect for anyone passionate for health care beyond strictly clinical work, a degree in the health sciences from Cedar CrestCollege can launch an exciting futurein public policy, wellness, physical fitness, psychology, communication, or the science of sports.

Cedar Crest’s School of Nursing is widely recognized among the finest in the region. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our program through a combination of high-tech simulation, experiential learning, and a high-touch approach. We offer individualized education that is flexible enough for the broadest possible range of learners and schedules.

Field of dreams
The sciences at Cedar Crest prepare graduates for important work in fast-growing professions such as biotechnology, cancer treatment and prevention, and disease research. Students go on to careers in the health sciences, medical research, epidemiology, and environmental advocacy, among others. From agriculture and pharmacology to scientific publishing and wildlife management, Cedar Crest students thrive as professional scientists in a wide range of fields.

Mentors and experts
Cedar Crest faculty members are passionate advocates for every student, and students get to know professors and advisors as colleagues and mentors. That makes a difference when they need really good advice, a personal letter of recommendation, or a connection with opportunity. Our faculty members are passionate advocates for every student and active contributors to their fields of scientific research. In fact, 70% of full-time faculty members at Cedar Crest hold a PhD or terminal degree in their area of specialization and are widely published in their fields.

Hands-on, high level
At Cedar Crest, every student has top-level access to learning. From day one, students work with accomplished faculty on the latest scientificinstrumentation. “The quality and amount of equipment here is amazing,” says Dr. Joy Karmas, Biology professor. “We have state-of-the-art tools for teaching the sciences in adepartment serving a range of specialized interests.”

Cedar Crest By The Numbers

• 40+ undergraduate degrees
• 11 master’s programs
• 77 full-time professors
• Founded in 1867
• 15 students in average class size
1,600+ students
• 10:1 student-faculty ratio
• 10 athletic teams
• 72% full-time professors with a PhD or terminal degree
• 84-acre campus
• arboretum with more than 130 species of trees
• 70 student organizations

College Distinctions

• Cedar Crest students regularly pursue original scientific research projects—beginning as early as freshman year—and present findings at national meetings.
• Every day, Cedar Crest health sciences students work hands-on with state-of-the-art scientific instruments more commonly reserved for graduate students.
• Full-time faculty members serve as one-on-one mentors and advisors with Cedar Crest health sciences students.
• The Cedar Crest School of Nursing is widely recognized by area employers as among the top four-year Nursing programs in the region.

Fields of Study

• Biochemistry
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Environmental Conservation
• Forensic Science
• Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
• Global Diseases
• Health Professions Program
- Pre-dental
- Pre-med
- Pre-veterinary
• Integrated Biology
• Neuroscience

Health Sciences
• Exercise Science
• Health Promotion and Wellness
• Health Science
• Master in Nutrition
• Master of Science Integrative Exercise Science
• Nuclear Medicine Technology
• Nutrition
• Public Health
- Community Health
- Health Communications

• BSN to DNP
• Doctor of Nursing Practice
   - Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
   - Family/Individual Across the Lifespan Nurse Practitioner
   - Nurse Anesthetist

• Online Master of Science in Nursing
   - Nurse Administrator
   - Nurse Educator
   - Nurse Practitioner

• RN to BSN
• School Nurse Certificate
• Traditional BSN
• Transfer BSN

For the entire list of academic programs, visit cedarcrest.edu/academics.

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