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The University of Denver: Where phenomenal happens

Where the city meets the mountains
The University of Denver (DU) is a community of students who are passionately curious and always searching for the next exciting undertaking. Located where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, we embody the spirit of exploration and discovery that defines our region and our history. DU is a private institution built on exploration through research and collaboration among educators, students, and local and global communities. Collaborating across disciplines, our undergraduate and graduate students explore a vast range of subjects outside their programs of study. Your work will drive you toward pragmatic approaches to problem-solving whether your major is Engineering or English. World-famous for our International Studies, Business, and Hospitality Management programs, we’re a comprehensive liberal arts university with 300 different academic programs to explore. 

Trailblazing individuals
We seek students who want to chart their own paths. Whether they pursue careers as novelists or entrepreneurs, chemists or musicians, our students are driven by boldness, passion, and innovation as they work to achieve their own vision of greatness and enrich and improve their communities and the world by sharing it. Over 70% of our undergraduates study abroad during their time at DU, returning to campus with a wealth of perspectives that help them become global leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Our student-faculty ratio is 11:1, and our average class size is 21 students, allowing us to base learning around conversation and multiple perspectives. 

Community connections
We draw on rich communities throughout Denver and beyond to offer even more opportunities for  students to contribute and learn. Students in our Lamont School of Music are active in Denver’s music scene, and our Theater students travel to Scotland to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. No matter their passion, our students find ways to deepen their education and make the world a better place. 

Pioneering spirit
With nationally recognized academic programs, a history of widespread influence, a forward-looking vision for a 21st-century education, and a deep commitment to promoting inclusion, the University of Denver opens a world of opportunity to students and empowers our Pioneers to make a difference around the world.


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Ranked #2 for study abroad participation nationally with 73% of DU undergraduate students studying abroad

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Ranked in the top 100 among "Best National Universities" | U.S. News & World Report

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Anderson Academic Commons ranked #4 in the nation for "Best College Libraries" two years in a row | The Princeton Review


DENVER is located on COLORADO’s high plains, just a few kilometers from the base of the Rocky Mountains. World-class ski resorts and recreation areas are a 90-minute drive from the University of Denver campus. With rainfall averaging only 40 centimeters annually, Denver enjoys a semi-arid climate characterized by 300 days of sunshine a year. In fall, winter, and spring, Denver gets short-lived snowstorms of just a few inches to a few feet. Temperatures range from an average of about 30 degrees Celcius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in mid-summer to an average of about 7.2 degrees Celsius (45 degrees Fahrenheit) in the winter. Because temperatures can fluctuate dramatically in a few hours, students should plan a wardrobe conducive to layering.

DU At A Glance

Type of School: Private

Size of Campus: 125 acres of urban campus in the University Park neighborhood

Number of Students: 13,735 total students: 6,152 undergraduate, 7,583 graduate

Number of Faculty: 
• 1,426 total faculty members
• 733 full-time faculty
   - 48% women
   - 20% people of color
   - 90% with terminal degree
• 693 part-time faculty
   - 55% women
   - 11% people of color
• Student-faculty ratio: 11:1 

Colleges, Programs, and Degrees: DU offers more than 300 academic programs, including 100 undergraduate majors and 120 graduate programs. With world-famous programs in Business, Engineering, Hospitality Management, International Studies, and Law, you’re guaranteed to find a program that fits your career goals! Collaborating across disciplines, our undergraduate and graduate students explore a vast range of subjects outside their programs of study. Your work will drive you toward pragmatic approaches to problem-solving, and both our undergraduate and graduate students work with faculty on projects in their fields, including original research that results in summer-long projects and publications.

Popular Majors
• Electrical Engineering
• Finance
Foreign Languages
• Hospitality Management
• International Business
• International Studies
• Liberal Arts
• Mechanical Engineering
• Mechatronics
• Psychology
• Real Estate & Built Environment 

Geographic Diversity: All 50 states and 80 countries represented; over 1,000 international students on campus

International Student Services: DU provides comprehensive support for international students, including academic advising, immigration and visa advising, and special clubs, programs, and community support for students. We were the first university in the United States to pilot app-based psychological counseling services available to all students in their native language.

International Student Budget: (2023–2024) 
• Tuition, fees, and living expenses (including health insurance): $87,080

All admitted international students are considered for merit-based aid starting at $5,000 up to the full cost of tuition. DU does not offer need-based aid to international students.

Test Score Requirements: DU is test-optional, though English proficiency scores may be required. For details, visit

Application Deadlines and Fees:
• November 1: Early Decision I and Early Action deadline
• January 15: Early Decision II and Regular Decision deadline
• $65 non-refundable application fee

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “The best part of working in the lab at DU has been taking what I learn in class and applying it. It’s helpful when applying to medical school to show that you have practical experience.”

    • Todd Savolt, Biology
  • “Going to DU opened up so many doors for me—the number of friends I made there, the jobs it helped me get after graduation. DU helped me build my character; it helped me grow up.”

    • Amit Bhutani ’01