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What Students Can Do About Climate Change

It seems like climate change is an all-encompassing issue with no solution, but that's not the case! Here's what you can do to help the environment now.

Climate change is an issue that affects everyone on every continent of the world. It’s a pressing matter that can seem all-encompassing with no solution, but that is not the case. From small actions like cutting off the water while brushing your teeth to large-scale projects like wind power farms are all equally helpful and necessary to fight for a cleaner tomorrow. Here are a few simple things students can do to help fight climate change this Earth Day and every day.

Take small steps at home

Creating a cleaner society can start right in your dorm or bedroom. Remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room, and invest in lower-wattage-producing lamps. Using less light energy by reducing water waste is also highly beneficial to creating a “greener” home. Examples include taking shorter showers, remembering to turn off the water when it’s not in immediate use, and utilizing or installing energy-saving appliances. By implementing these simple steps, your carbon footprint can be lowered by almost 20%, according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions—saving you money and helping the environment at the same time. 

Additionally, something often overlooked but extremely helpful is removing electronics from electrical outlets when they’re not in use. While light, water, energy usage, and small appliances don't seem substantial in carbon production, they account for most of a household's pollution composition when added together. Being aware and recognizing how to limit all these components will significantly reduce your household’s carbon emissions and society's negative impact on the natural environment.

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Encourage awareness and education

Educating non-environmentally conscious peers can help encourage them to protect and preserve the environment. Ultimately, starting a conversation with your community surrounding the environment opens discussion and introduces others to collaborative projects. One way to promote environmental advocacy is through organizations such as community-based recycling programs. Another example is a shared neighborhood garden in which organic and pesticide-free food can be grown. Additionally, promotion through environmental education clubs at school and advertising on reusable items such as lunch boxes and water bottles can all be used to further educate the public.

Look toward a brighter future

Caring for the environment can be done in both public and private settings. It can also be done through self-improvement and self-education. Placing importance on actively looking for resources that discuss environmental factors is essential to becoming an ecological pioneer and advocate. To go even further, pursuing a future career in environmental education is another gateway to educating society and increasing your impact on the world. For example, college majors such as Environmental Science, Environmental Law, Political Science, and Environmental Policy can all lead to potential careers that make a difference to your future and the world overall. 

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Start the fight today

Young people play an intricate part in educating, addressing, and raising awareness about the damaging consequences of global warming and climate change. Overall, educating others and working toward a cleaner society starts at home, in the classroom, and conclusively, in the community. Do your part today for a better tomorrow.

Happy Earth Day! Looking for a school that advocates for the environment as much as you do? Check out our list of “Green” Colleges and Universities.

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About Jordanne Nichols

Jordanne Nichols is a high school student from Chicago with a passion for activism, feminism, and climate change.


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