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15 Green Colleges and Universities

For those of you who like countdown-style lists...These schools were rated on such factors as serving organic food, offering an environmentally centered ...

Best Student-Faculty Ratios

Individual attention from your professor can make your college experience more fulfilling...then again, you can't get away with as much.

Colleges Graduating the Most Rhodes Scholars

Rhodes Scholars are the rock stars of academia. They are handpicked based on academic and personal excellence, and these colleges and universities have ...

Colleges Offering Unique Learning Opportunities in January

These colleges incorporate a one-month "interim term" between semesters, where students can earn credit for unique projects. You could travel to Ireland, ...

Colleges Where Physical Work Is Common

You want your degree? You're gonna earn it! These schools encourage or require students to work on campus as part of the college experience.

Colleges in the Eco League

Together, these five schools combine to form...the Eco League! It sounds like a superhero team, doesn't it? They are committed to environmental ...

Colleges on a Quarter System

These schools generally keep going year-round, with one 10-week semester per season.

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Colleges on a Trimester System

Three trimesters each academic year, 10-11 weeks per semester: it's different, but it works for these schools.

Colleges that Have Been Selected for Phi Beta Kappa Since 2000

These schools all met the same rigorous criteria for becoming a Phi Beta Kappa institution'they're just newbies.

Colleges that Have Pass/Fail in the First Year

It's sink or swim during freshman year at these colleges and universities.

Colleges to Consider for Online Learning

Because sometimes life gets in the way of the traditional experience.

Colleges with Phi Beta Kappa Chapters

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most respected undergraduate honors society in the country. Only 10% of liberal arts colleges in the United States are cool ...

Colleges with Unique or Highly Specialized Majors

Blacksmithing, popular TV, toy design, and bag-piping are just some of the majors you'll find listed below.

Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning

The colleges and universities listed below are members of the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning. According to the consortium, the 12 member ...

Excellent Research Universities

Universities often crank out tons of research, but the schools on this list are true research powerhouses. They are the members of the American Association ...

Great Books Colleges

Who needs textbooks? With Great Books programs, students get a liberal arts education entirely through classic works of theology, philosophy, history, ...