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All About Pre–College Summer Programs

Summer programs are a great opportunity to boost your skills and stay sharp over the summer. Here's what you need to know and why you should consider one!

by Dan Bi Han


5 Benefits of Pre–College Summer Programs

Summer programs offer or high school students the chance to see college life while boosting their applications. Here are the advantages of pre-college programs!

by Rosemary Cochrane


Telluride Association Summer Programs

Applicants must be high school juniors. The association seeks applicants from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and provides for their tuition and room and board during summer programs in New York and Michigan. Students are invited to apply either by receiving a score on the PSAT/NMSQT that is usually in the top 1 percent or by nomination by a teacher or counselor.

sponsored by Telluride Association


The Top Summer Pre–College Programs for High School Students

Want to preview your dream school and improve your admission credentials this summer? Check out these pre-college summer programs for high school students.

source: CollegeXpress


Can College Consultants Help Students Find Summer Programs?

Independent consultants help students with many aspects of college admission, but can they help them find summer programs. Our experts have the answer.

by Leslie A. Weston


Michael Curry Summer Internship Program

Applicants must be Illinois residents. Recipients work full-time in an agency under the jurisdiction of the Governor for 10 weeks during the summer.

Max Award: $1,346

sponsored by Governor's Office of the State of Illinois Michael Curry Summer Internship Program


Common Questions About Pre–College Programs

Interested in a summer pre-college program? Read on to find out exactly what these programs are, how to find one you like, and their benefits.

by Hunter Freedman


3 Great Reasons to Attend a Summer Program in High School

Summer programs can do a lot for high school students. From making friends to finding inspiration, they offer more benefits than you might think!

by Madisen Martinez


What's the Pre–College Summer Program Application Process Like?

Some summer programs require an application many months in advance. Some only require registration. Find out more on CX now!

by Rhiannon Schade


Top Summer Programs for Students With a Global Mindset

If you're interested in exploring the world and making it a better place, a summer program with a global focus could be just the thing for you.

by Michael Tyler Kee


The Experts' Choice: Great Summer and Gap Year Programs

We all need a bit of time to relax every once in a while. Instead of sleeping in your parents' basement, enroll in one of these programs before you enter college.

FYI, this list is from The College Finder, 2017 edition now available!

source: College Finder Research


Summer Development Grant Program

Award looks to assist students who do not meet the criteria for admission to one of the state's public universities. Award will assist with financial need pay for the Summer Development Program during the summer preceding the freshman year of college.

sponsored by Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning


Why It's a Good Idea to Pursue a Unique Summer Program

Looking to stand out from the crowd in the college admission process? Try a pre-college summer program! Here's how they can help improve your chances.

by Jim Martinho


25 Famous Former Summer Campers

Staff members at Herzl Camp in northwest Wisconsin can recall chastising a young camper named Robert Zimmerman for playing guitar and crooning from his cabin roof (you might be more familiar with his work as Bob Dylan). We're not saying that attending a summer camp or program guarantees you'll someday have your own Wikipedia entry, but here are 25 notable former campers from a variety of fields.


8 Easy Ways to Have a Meaningful Summer Vacation

Worried about wasting the whole summer? Make it count with these eight ways to enjoy the long break and do something meaningful at the same time.

by Natalie Engh


Stay Sharp This Summer Without Breaking the Bank

Worried about how expensive a pre-college program might be? We've got you covered. Here are great tuition-free and financial aid supported programs to consider.

by CollegeXpress


Our Best Advice for Having an Awesome Summer Break

Make your summer vacation productive and fun with our best advice on getting work experience, preparing for college, and recharging after a long school year.

by CollegeXpress


4 Summer Activities That Will Impress Colleges

Summer is a great time to get ready for college. Find out what you can do in between your fun summer plans that will look great to admission committees.

by Shivani Ekkanath


International Space University Summer Program

Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and a graduate student or anyone who received an undergraduate or graduate degree within five years prior to start of summer session. Fourth-year undergraduate students who intend to pursue a master's degree in September are also eligible. Applicant must be conversant in English and one other language.

Max Award: $25,000

sponsored by Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)


5 Tips for Summer Courses to Avoid Ruining Your Break

Summer courses may not sound like the most enticing idea, but with these tips, you can get ahead of your education while still having a fantastic summer break.

by Emily Sandberg