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CX Digital Magazines: An Easy Way to Start Your College Research

Ready to start the college search? Looking for transfer and graduate schools? Learn about our digital magazines and other great resources on CollegeXpress.


4 Specialized Universities With Great STEM Research Opportunities for Students

Are you looking for a science and engineering college that will let you get real experience in your field? Consider one of these specialized universities!

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Great Comprehensive Colleges and Universities in the West

A comprehensive college or university could be your ideal academic home! Start searching with this list of public and private schools in the Western US.


Great Private Comprehensive Colleges and Universities in the South

Searching for great colleges in the South? Check out these private comprehensive options with extensive academics and mild weather during the school year.


Great Undergraduate Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities in the Midwest

The Midwest is a great region to go to college, especially if you're considering a liberal arts school. Start exploring some great options with this list.


Great Specialized Undergraduate Colleges and Institutes in the Midwest

Interested in pursuing specialized fields like health care, aviation, or Bible studies? Check out this list of great undergraduate colleges in the Midwest.


Great Public Comprehensive and Liberal Arts Colleges in the Northeast

Public colleges are fairly priced for residents and offer a lot to any student. Check out these comprehensive and liberal arts options in the Northeast!


Great Undergraduate Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities in New England

Looking for the quintessential liberal arts college experience? Look no further than these great colleges and universities in New England!


A Student’s Helpful Guide to Christian Colleges and Religious Education

If you're considering a Christian education, there are many different types of colleges you could attend. This guide can help you get to know your options.

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Great Public Comprehensive Undergraduate Colleges and Universities in the South

Comprehensive universities offer everything you need for a complete college experience. Explore these great schools in the South to kick off your search!


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