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6 Reasons to Put in Effort With Counselors and Teachers

Writer & Editor-in-Chief, Classrooms.com

High school and college students should be meeting with counselors and teachers regularly. Reluctant to start? Here are six reasons to change your mind! read more

Thankful for You: National School Counseling Week 2022


In honor of this special week, we asked the CollegeXpress community what they appreciate about their counselors. Here are just a few of the amazing shoutouts! read more

7 Times to Support Students During College Admission

Founder, College Mindset

As an independent educational consultant, your job is to help students with the college application process. Here are seven definite times to step in to assist. read more

Creative College and Career Prep Ideas for Students

Founder and Lead Counselor, NEPA Career and College Counseling Associates

Keeping your students engaged and focused on college and career prep can be hard. Here are some creative event ideas from a fellow counselor to help you. read more

How Do I Help Students Brainstorm College Essay Ideas?


When it comes to brainstorming admission essay topics, you should keep it simple. Check out these exercises that can help counselors and students work together! read more

Shoutouts for National School Counseling Week 2021


School counselors have been there every step of the way during this roller coaster of a year. Check out why students are appreciative of all their hard work! read more

Connect With School Counselors During COVID-19

Senior Assistant Editor, CollegeXpress

Students should connect and engage with their counselors during this hard time--about anything! Here's why and how to reach out about important topics. read more

What Counselors Are Doing to Help Students at Home


The coronavirus may have shut high schools down, but counselors are still available to help when you need it. See how you can work with yours remotely now! read more

Showing Counselors Appreciation for National School Counseling Week


It's National School Counseling Week! We asked the CollegeXpress community what they appreciate about their counselors. Here are some of the amazing responses! read more

Changing School Cell Phone Policies Now

Coproducer, "Screenagers"

Students are more distracted than ever by their phones. If you're worried about cell phones in class affecting your students, here's a policy that can help. read more