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Top 10 Tips for Exploring College Majors


A top 10 list to help you pick the perfect major or to steer you toward exploring, undecided, or undeclared. read more

How can I get letters of recommendation for my transfer application after a short period of time?

by and

This may sound odd, but why are you transferring after a short time? You should remain in one college for at least a year before considering transfer. read more

7 Tips for Finding an Internship

Publisher, CareerTapped.com

You know you need an internship. (Or internships, plural.) Here's how to get one. read more

What Admission Counselors Want to See in Your Grad School Application

Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment, West Virginia University

What are graduate admission officers really looking for when they review your application? Hint: it's not all about the grades. read more

Need Money for College? You Need to Knock Your Scholarship Essays Out of the Park!

President, Wow Writing Workshop

A strong scholarship essay can make all the difference between getting those dollars and paying for college yourself. read more

The Hardest Admission Interview Questions

Assistant Editor, Noodle

What do you do when an admission interviewer throws you a curveball? Find out what the hardest admission interview questions are and how to answer them! read more

Planning Your Law School Living Expenses: 1L Year

Assistant Director of Financial Aid, New England Law | Boston

Before you have a financial-aid panic attack going into your first year of law school, take a look at these tips from a law school financial aid insider. read more

Land Your Dream Career Using Social Media

Authors, "Land Your Dream Career in College: The Complete Guide for Success"

It's time to get your first "real-world" job. So exciting. So terrifying. But don't worry. You've had a secret weapon in your corner all along . . . read more

Ask Super Senior: Should I Have a Long-Distance Relationship in College?


Need help dealing with your peers, parents, and other predicaments? Ask Super Senior! Today's problem: is a long-distance relationship in college right for this high school couple? read more

7 Things to Do on the First Day of a New Job

English Tutor, TutorNerds

What is a new employee supposed to do on their first day to ensure success when transitioning from college to the workforce? read more