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The Best College Meals for Your Taste Buds and Budget

Education Writer

Healthy eating on a budget in college is not an easy task, but with these tips you can upgrade common college meals for a better taste, a healthier body, and a full wallet! read more

How to Manage Your Allergies in College

Freelance Writer

Allergies aren't fun for anyone, student or not. But with these helpful tips, you can avoid allergic reactions and have a great time at college with less hinderance. read more

How to Stay Healthy in College

Multimedia Project Manager, Harvard University

When the weather is warm, students flock to the outdoors and constantly bask in the fresh air. But when the temperatures drop, students will be bundling up in the dorms with their blankets, hot chocolate, and, unfortunately, their germs. With such a high number of people in one building, residence halls are infamous for being a breeding ground for sickness. read more

Sleepy Students: What Being Tired Does to Teens

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Are you getting enough sleep? If you're in high school, you're probably not. And it's messing you up. read more

Q&A With Emily: Going to College With a Mental Illness

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Question: I have a mental illness. What steps should I take going into my chosen college? read more

How to Protect Yourself from Cyberbullying in College

Contributing Writer

From snarky comments to downright vicious trolling, the Internet can be a mean place for a college student. Worse, cyberbullying seems to be on the rise. So how do you deal with it--and protect yourself? read more

The Do's and Don'ts of Campus Life

Student, Occidental College

As a new college student, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the things that occur on a daily basis, but following these do's and don'ts of campus life will make life easier. Promise. read more

7 Pro Tips for Surviving Freshman Year of College

Student, Elmhurst College

You can't help being an untested newbie during freshman year. But it doesn't mean you need to take being a rookie lying down. Follow these tips from an upperclassman who's been there, done that. read more

Caffeine Cravings: What to Choose, What to Avoid

Student, Ohio University

Caffeine will be your hero many times throughout your college life, but beware--it has a dark side. read more

3 Campus Gym "Plan B's" for When the Machines You Want Are Taken

Student, Indiana University

What can you do when the campus gym is crawling with your classmates and you can't workout? read more