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5 Questions to Answer Before Becoming a College Athlete

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You have a lot of options as a student-athlete, so how do you narrow them down? Here are five questions to ask yourself as you start the college search. read more

Should College Student-Athletes Be Paid?

CollegeXpress Student Writer

The debate rages on: should college athletes be paid? Read our take on BOTH sides here. read more

Working with Unique Types of Students: Webinars for Counselors and Consultants


Certain students present unique challenges for counselors and consultants. Luckily, GuidedPath has your back with their upcoming series of informative webinars. read more

The NCAA Division Quiz: Where Do You Want to Go?

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Let's get you thinking about the different NCAA Division colleges! Pick the answer that you feel most comfortable with when you think of what type of college or university where you think you'll thrive the most. What type of campus will match your interests? Division I, Division II, or Division III? read more

The Lifelong Impact of High School Sports


Leadership. Teamwork. Determination. That experience on the field is more valuable than you think. read more

Athletics in the Admission Process


Of course schools are eager to admit the next super student-athlete. But many schools are also looking for good athletes who will perform well in the classroom as well as add to the campus community through participation in sports. read more