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The Future of Women in STEM May Begin in the Toy Aisle

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Women are underrepresented in STEM fields, but one Stanford graduate is working to effect change and shatter stereotypes before they have time to take hold. read more

Diversity Grants and Scholarships

Director, 21st Century Scholars, Indiana University

You are probably aware that women and minorities continue to be underrepresented in engineering and computer science. However, if you are a member of an underrepresented group and plan to pursue a graduate degree in technology, this might actually be good news when it comes to securing financial aid. read more

Campus Safety and Rape


Most incidents of rape that happen on college campuses are perpetrated by someone the victim knows. It could be a classmate, a date (aka date rape), or even that nice guy that lives in your dorm down the hall. read more