5 Things High School Students Need to Do This Summer

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Want to standout in the college admission process? Do these five things this summer. It's not too late! read more

5 Ways Recent Grads Can Make Their Brand-New Cubicle a Happier Place

Editor-in-Chief, Carnegie Communications

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Reasons to Wait Before Grad School

Contributing Editor

Here are some reasons to go out and get a job first, and then fill out those grad school applications! read more

How to Get Work Experience as a Student

President, Shimmering Resumes

For anyone who is fresh out of college and looking for a job, the famously circular reasoning of the job search is one of the great sources of frustration. You cannot get a job without experience. You cannot get experience without a job. How do you break the cycle? read more

How manageable is holding a part-time job as a full-time student?


Many students need to work part time as a full-time student and do it very successfully. If you have the choice about whether to work, you may want to try a semester at college first and see what the work load is like. read more

Interview Series: Q&A with Opera Singer, Rachel Sterrenberg

Assistant Editor

As a part of a series of interviews with students who have been there, done that, I've interviewed a young opera singer about her college experiences. read more

International Students and the Job Search


Finding a job in general can be challenging. As an international student, there are even more details to keep in mind. read more

4 Awesome Reasons To Be an RA

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As with any position that requires this level of responsibility, the RA role is everything you make of it, and the opportunity should be part of your considerations as you enter, or continue, your college career. read more

How to Evaluate a Job Offer


Just like an interview, a job offer can tell you a great deal about a potential employer. An offer can reveal how serious the employer is about the offer, how valuable you are to the company, and, most importantly, whether you should make the move. read more

Your Financial Health

Former Assistant Editor, Carnegie Communications

You've graduated and are now a member of the real world. Congratulations! Welcome to the land of credit, debt, and personal financial responsibility. But what exactly is credit? How do you earn it? Is it even that important? read more