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How to Be a Competitive College Applicant

Freelance Writer, Former High School Counselor

Being a competitive college applicant is becoming increasingly more difficult as the number of students wanting to continue their education beyond high school continues to rise. With fewer spots available, many prospective freshmen wonder how they’re supposed to make their application stand out. The good news is with a few tips from the experts, you can get your application to rise to the top and be a competitive college applicant. 

Exceed the admission requirements

When it comes to college admission, meeting the requirements is the minimum standard. To be a competitive applicant, you need to exceed expectations while maintaining the quality of your transcript. For many students, this translates to taking Advanced Placement courses, squeezing in an extra year of a world language, and filling elective spots with additional academics.

It also means maintaining a good GPA and participating in extracurricular activities. With that said, you also need to remember balance. If you take on too much, everything will suffer, so make sure you’re matching up what you want to do with how much you can do.

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Take your academics to the finish line

Just because your application is due in the fall doesn’t mean you get to breeze through your senior year on autopilot. “Often times, there is the appeal to take your senior year as an easy year,” explains Carrie Thompson, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Clarion University.

While electives show your diversified interests, she reminds students not to forget the importance of academic, college prep, Advanced Placement, or dual-enrollment courses. "Advanced Placement and dual-enrollment courses particularly show your preparedness for college-level work and provide you the advantage of receiving college credit,” Thompson adds.

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Focus on your college application early

Ideally, you shouldn’t start thinking about your college applications during your senior year. “You need to prepare for college starting your junior, sophomore—even your freshman year,” explains Thompson.

This means you need to have a clear focus on your academics from the moment you start high school. Beginning your freshmen year with this mindset can help set you up for success and gives you the best chance of providing a transcript that shows a solid academic student who would be a great addition to any college campus.

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Showcase involvement in your school and community

While academics are a large part of your college application—and you want to spend your high school career focusing on a solid GPA—Thompson says it’s also important to understand that the academic component is just one aspect of what makes you a competitive college applicant.

“Colleges look for well-rounded students, and a high school student who can make the grades but has also taken part in extracurricular activities, service organizations, or even a part-time job is a student who can showcase time management, commitment to their community, and the ability to be a strong student,” she says. This type of student becomes a strong leader on a college campus and eventually a successful alumnus.

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Explain any hiccups on your transcript

Very few students submit a flawless transcript. That’s why Stefanie D. Niles, Vice President for Enrollment and Communications at Ohio Wesleyan University, says if you have any blemishes on your high school transcript, such as a low grade in a particular class, you’ll definitely want to take the opportunity to explain what happened and what you learned from the experience. Additionally, if the teacher of the class is able to comment on how hard you worked and how you persisted, that information can be particularly useful to the admission committee.

Write an essay that the admission committee wants to read

The admission essay is your chance to tell an authentic story that’s not already explained through your transcript or test scores. Use this opportunity to give the college a glimpse into who you are and what would make you an excellent addition to their school. The goal is to get them to continue reading after the first paragraph and, when they’re finished, to want to get to know you even more.

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Reach out to the college admission office

If you really want to be a competitive college applicant, take the initiative to connect with the admission office prior to submitting your application. Call to set up a college visit, then ask to make an appointment to meet with an admission counselor or advisor.

Thompson says when you have questions, make sure you’re calling the admission office to ask them—avoid the temptation to allow your parent or guardian to take control of the situation and lead the conversation. “These may seem like simple steps,” she says. “However, allowing your personality to shine through and taking the steps to be in control of your college journey makes you a memorable student during the admission process.”

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About Sara Lindberg

Sara Lindberg

Sara Lindberg is a freelance writer and former secondary school counselor. She has a Master of Education in Counseling and 20 years of experience working with middle and high school students and their parents. 


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