How might an online/webcam interview differ from one in person?

James WernerJames Werner
Vice President of Higher Education
The biggest difference between an in-person and a video interview is that the video interviewee does not necessarily have the opportunity to judge the responses and attitudes of the interviewer. In person, we tend to adjust our behavior according to the verbal and (more importantly) non-verbal cues that we receive from the person with whom we are speaking.

As a result, the video interviewee needs to "universalize" his or her presentation in order to appeal to the broadest range of viewers. Small and limited gestures, a measured cadence, and an even tone of voice are all important, as is the avoidance of controversial topics.

Although it may feel unnatural, the video interviewee must regard the camera lens as the eyes of the interviewer. By looking squarely into the camera, one appears to be looking into the eyes of the interviewer.

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