What Career Path Is Right for Your Personality?

Everyone has a unique personality, but we all fall into certain "types." Here are some great career options if you fall into one of these five personality types.

Your personality type is defined by your energy, ways of thinking, passions, values, and lifestyle. Most people consider themselves to be a combination of personalities, unable to restrict themselves to one definition. But a lot of people often still fall into one of a few typical personality types. No matter who you are, understanding your personality can help you determine what type of profession you can excel in—and understanding your personality now will allow you to carve an easier path to that career. Here are five common personality types you might fall into to help you discover which career suits your personality best!

Personality type: The introvert

If you tend to turn inward in your day-to-day life, focusing on your internal thoughts and feelings rather than seeking stimulation from the outside world, you’d fall into the introvert personality type. You prefer to be quiet and introspective, and it takes energy to thrive in social situations. After attending a party or hanging out with friends, you need to recharge alone. 

Careers to consider

Around 25%–40% of people are considered to be introverted, and introverts can find many jobs where they can thrive. Consider options like:

  • Veterinarian: You can spend time with furry friends who aren’t chatty while knowing you’re doing something good in the world.
  • Archivist: You’ll get to hang out in museums with paintings, sculptures, and historical objects, studying and learning from history in a reserved space.
  • Computer programmer: You’ll be able to get lost in your own world as you build software and designs.
  • Accountant: You don't have to talk when crunching numbers; who would expect you to hold a conversation when you’re knee-deep in data?

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Personality type: The extrovert

If you're outgoing and love to express your emotions—especially around large groups of people—then you’re likely an extrovert. You problem-solve better with a team rather than going it alone. Plus, you're probably the type who’s perfectly comfortable speaking up in public and being a leader. If you feel your best when hanging with friends and experiencing new things—and being alone for too long drives you nuts—there are many careers that were made for you.

Careers to consider

With this personality, you'll do well in a career path where you're around others, such as:

  • Human resources manager: You’ll be in charge of employee rights, manage interviews and onboarding, and learn how to look for the perfect blend of experience and soft skills in potential candidates—a perfect position for a people person.
  • Real estate agent: You’ll get to meet with prospective homebuyers and help them find the property of their dreams. What’s a better way to flex your charisma than by introducing people to their new home?
  • Actor: You like attention as an extrovert, so taking center stage will ensure that all eyes are on you.
  • Sales manager: You can use your skills to find new leads then use your personality to show them why they need your product or service. 

Personality type: The caretaker

If you like to provide and hate seeing people in pain or need, you're the caretaker type. You're attentive to others' emotions, even if they don't outright talk about them, and you tend to be outgoing and willing to speak up when it's something you really care about. If you love to connect with new people and build strong relationships, there are many careers that will let you utilize your passion and perceptiveness.

Careers to consider

Consider one of these jobs to get the most out of your career path:

  • Nurse: You’ll get to help the most vulnerable parts of the population in a hospital, or you can help maintain important regular care in a doctor's office.
  • Counselor: You’re shaped to be a counselor as a caretaker. Whether for mental health or school counseling or something in between, you’ll gain a lot of value for the care you give in this career.
  • Teacher: You have the opportunity to work with individuals in one of the most formative times of their lives: as students. What better way to take care of others than to teach them new things?
  • Nanny: Kids always need strong and emotionally connected adults in their lives, and you can step into that role for them.
  • Event worker: You’ll get to use creativity to help plan events and make others happy. Put together a gathering to remember and make dreams come true!

Personality type: The enterpriser

Are you a born leader and someone who loves responsibility, mentoring others, and maintaining a cohesive team? Then you’re an enterpriser. When you work on a project, you want to be there from start to finish. You're also likely self-sufficient, know how to make strategic decisions, and excel at effective communication. 

Careers to consider

Do you want a career where you can put these skills to good use? Consider positions like:

  • Judge: You’ll listen to conflicts, get to analyze all facets of a situation, and make your best judgement for what’s right. This is a high-pressure career, but in the hands of an enterpriser, it’s perfect.
  • Politician: You can also analyze the state of affairs as a politician and determine the best ways to aid society by helping implement laws.
  • Business coach: You’re a go-getter, and usually go-getters want to see others succeed too. Help organizations achieve their full potential by overcoming obstacles and improving their work.
  • Mortgage banker: You can be the expert in an area of life many people struggle in: finances. You’ll aid homebuyers in making long-term financial decisions with this career.

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Personality type: The theorist

Do you love to come up with new ideas and inventions and learning how to make those ideas a reality? That makes you a theorist. When a problem pops up, you don't mind being the one to come up with workarounds and determining the best solution. You can lead a group or take action on your own as long as you’re able to maintain your independence. 

Careers to consider

How can you put your skills to use? Try out a career like:

  • Doctor: You’ll spend your days parsing through patient symptoms and determining the best treatment options—sometimes even discovering new solutions that could reform health care standards
  • Biologist: You’ll get to delve deep into the details of the natural world with a keen eye and develop your own theories that could lead to huge scientific breakthroughs.
  • Reporter: You’ll get to be on the frontline of breaking news and then lay out those issues and community happenings with an unbiased view to educate others.
  • Professor: You’ll get to mold young minds on a different scale than grade school teachers by passing along your love of learning to the next generation of workers who are close to entering the workforce.

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Can personality determine career success?

We've all been there, asking "Which career is right for me?" So try turning to your own personality to find the answer! Use this list to inspire career ideas you may be interested in, then pursue opportunities to further explore the field. Apply for an internship, talk to industry professionals, or shadow someone in a similar position. Who knows? You may stumble upon a career you didn’t know you’d love.

No matter your personality, find more advice for excelling at your future career in our Internships and Careers section.

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