6 Ways to Stay Safe on Your Way to Night Classes

When you sign up for night classes, your focus should be on your studies, but don't forget about your safety too! Here are six ways to stay safe when you're walking around campus at night.

Night classes are a great, convenient way to advance your education, but students should be careful when walking around campus at night. Your focus should be on your studies, but don’t forget about your safety too. Let’s look at six ways to stay safe when you’re walking to night classes.

1. Know your campus

The best way to stay safe while attending night classes is to know your surroundings, especially if you’re going to a new school. Before you head out for your night class, go around campus during the day and look for everything you might need in an emergency. This could include spotting all the emergency call buttons, any dark corners where someone could hide, and the best-lit paths to walk along at night. Knowing your campus inside and out during the day will help keep you safe at night.

2. Download safety apps to help

Your phone can be a very powerful tool with countless apps available that can help keep you safe at night. Some popular ones include:

Watch Over Me
This app tracks your GPS location and can alert your emergency contacts if you don’t arrive home safely or if you leave the designated GPS area. There’s also an emergency alarm and recording camera that are triggered if your phone is shaken vigorously, such as if someone is trying to grab you.

Circle of 6
This app lets users designate six people that they want to reach in case of an emergency and in two clicks, you can notify these six people if you need help. This app can work to protect you when when you’re stuck in the dark and need assistance walking to and from your night classes.

There are always new apps coming out to help keep you safe at night and in dangerous situations, so if you’re enrolled in night classes, consider making your smartphone safer.

3. Be conscious of your surroundings

Any self-defense class will teach you that being conscious of your surroundings may help prevent an attack. When you’re walking around at night alone, you may want to talk to someone on the phone to distract yourself or so they know you’re safe. But doing so actually makes you less aware of your surroundings and more vulnerable to the unexpected. Instead, stay conscious of what’s around you. Study the sounds, smells, shadows, and landscape to be hyper-aware of any changes.

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4. Stay sober

Alcohol impairs your ability to act quickly and make sound judgements. Keep your mind functioning at its top performance by avoiding drugs or alcohol. As stated above, being on top of your game and aware of your surroundings can help keep you safe on a dark campus.

5. Implement the buddy system

If you can, try to walk home from night classes with a buddy so you can keep each other safe. It’s harder for someone to commit a crime when there are people around, so safety is in the numbers when attending night classes.

6. Have an emergency plan

Hopefully nothing happens, but it’s always a good idea to speak to your emergency contact in case anything does. Have a conversation about what to do if you don’t make it home at your usual time without giving a heads up or if your emergency contact hasn’t heard from you in a while. Establishing this process before something happens will make it easier to act in an emergency, if it ever arises.

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Your college classes can really change your life for the better, but just make sure you’re safe if you have to walk around campus at night.

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