Myths and Truths About Joining a Sorority

You've probably heard a lot about joining a sorority, including a lot of crazy stories. Here's a guide to help you pull the facts from fiction.

When I joined a sorority, I was skeptical because I didn’t think I fit the stereotypical idea of a sorority girl. I had heard rumors about Greek life and what it was like, and I was intimidated to join. However, I decided I was going to make up my own mind about Greek life by giving it a chance and stepping out of my comfort zone.

While some things you’ve likely heard about sororities are true, I learned some of the stories aren’t true at all. So here are some of the top truths and myths that I discovered by joining a sorority.

The truth about sorority life

Recruitment can be overwhelming

Recruitment (or rush week) is different at every college, but to find the sorority that fits you, it may take a couple of meet-and-greet rounds at the beginning of the semester. Depending on how many sororities are at your school, this can take a week or more. But that just gives you more time to really explore your options and find your place.  

You won’t be best friends with everyone in your sorority

You can’t be friends with everyone, and that’s okay. Don’t force yourself to try to be best friends with every girl. Just be friendly and open to meeting new people to make your experience (and theirs) the best it can be, even if someone just ends up being an acquaintance.

Dues can be expensive

Again, this is dependent on the school and sorority, but with all the activities you do in a sorority, dues can be expensive. Most colleges and sororities have payment plans if you need it, and each sorority’s dues should be shared during recruitment. However, money is a big reason why students either don’t join sororities or drop out, so make sure to ask about it if a number isn’t given up front. 

Sororities have rules

All sororities have rules that every sister has to follow in order to stay in the sorority. Again, they’re different for each one, but the base rules usually are: you need to uphold appropriate behavior and maintain the minimum required academic grades. If a rule is broken, you will be held accountable—which can result in loss of privileges or removal from the sorority.

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The myths about sorority life

Everyone in a sorority is the same

Don’t base your opinion of a sorority off one person. Every member is different and has their own unique interests and personalities. Even though they may be wearing matching outfits during recruitment or a lot of girls have similar hair colors doesn’t mean they’re clones of each other.

All your friends will also be in Greek life

This depends on you, of course. If that’s what you want then sure—but Greek life doesn’t have to take up all your time. You can join other clubs, meet people in your classes, and even continue being friends with people you met before joining your sorority. As long as you want to, you can (and will) have friends outside of Greek life—no one is going to stop you.

You’re paying to have friends

Yes, sure—you have to pay sorority dues. But most student clubs and organizations require fees to keep the group going. You also pay to go to college; does that mean you’re paying for your friends? No. And even though you’re paying to be involved, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll make close friends. What you’re paying for is the experience and opportunities that come with joining a sorority, but being a good person, involved, and kind to others is how you’ll make friends in a sorority.

You will be hazed

Hazing is a thing of the past. It might have been around years ago, but schools and Greek life have cracked down on it and don’t tolerate houses hazing their members anymore. All forms of hazing are prohibited and can result in serious consequences if caught by school officials.  

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If you’re thinking about joining Greek life, don’t let the myths hold you back. You might be missing out on a great experience that could result in lifelong friendships and career-launching opportunities.  

Learn more about Greek life and other campus organizations in our Student Life section.

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