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4 Great Benefits of Majoring in Education You Should Consider

If you're looking for a major to help change the world, one with endless possibilities, consider majoring in Education. Here are some of the benefits!

Education is one of the most important factors of any society. It allows social progression, increased welfare, and a commonwealth of knowledge that builds a competent and capable community. However, you can’t have good education without good teachers—so maybe you should become one.

There are so many career options in the field of education that allow you to make a difference in so many lives. Education might be a great option because its versatility can appeal to everyone. As a teacher, you can choose the areas you’re best in and like the most for your career. If you like areas of STEM, you can pursue that, or you can teach areas of humanities, like English, history, or art. There’s a place for everyone! Not only are there plenty of areas to teach in, but there are also plenty of benefits to becoming a teacher. Here are some things to consider.

Job security

The world will always need educators, so you’ll be able to find a job somewhere. From traditional schools to online teaching services and even tutoring, there are many areas and fields for you to find a career in. Even though a teacher’s income isn’t as high as an open-heart surgeon’s, the field is easier to get into and stay with. And, as with any job, the longer you stick with it, the better-paying positions you’ll be able to find.

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Your social impact

Most people I know have had teachers who’ve changed their lives. By being an educator, you have a wonderful opportunity to help people, especially younger generations. Being able to extend a hand to shape people into the ideal versions of themselves, intellectually and personally, is an opportunity few have. You can even pursue programs like the Peace Corps or Teachers Without Borders, where you have the chance to teach students who aren’t guaranteed an education. Your impact is vastly larger in these positions because of where and who you’re impacting. Just be aware that these are considered volunteer opportunities, and you may need a backup plan in case you don’t get accepted into a program and for after your service.

Program flexibility

Adults teaching allows you to connect and work with children, pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, or adults. From K–12 education to the graduate level to adult ed, there’s a place for you and your interests. Most colleges will have category-specific Education programs or Education degrees with a concentration in a particular field. Although the field is dominated by K–12 concentrations, you could take a degree in Education and apply it to any area of your life. In fact, some colleges I’ve been looking at have degrees in Adventure Education! The field can take you anywhere as long as you have an idea of where you want to go.

There’s also the option to major in one area and minor in another (or double major). Whether you choose to major in Education or minor in it, you can pursue another field at the same time and use it in accordance with your Education degree to become a teacher of something that’s more off the beaten track (such as dance or cooking). Essentially, you can use an Education degree with another career path if you want, as long as you have a direction to head in. Everybody needs somebody to teach them their craft (whether artistic or technical), and you could be that person.

First-hand experience

Just by going to school, you already know how the education process works. Many classes require you to present or teach something to your peers through presentations and oral exams. You’ve already built the foundations for yourself simply by going to school. You know what teaching styles work to elevate students and which ones don’t. Think of all these years as intensive research that you can put toward a future career.

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If you have any questions regarding this career, I’m sure your favorite teacher would be more than happy to answer them—so ask! Pay attention to how classes are run, your teachers' different techniques, etc. Seek out a teaching assistant, student teaching, or tutoring position if one is available to you, and you’ll be well on your way to being the best teacher ever.

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