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Michael Curry Summer Internship Program

Applicants must be Illinois residents. Recipients work full-time in an agency under the jurisdiction of the Governor for 10 weeks during the summer.

Max Award: $1,346

sponsored by Governor's Office of the State of Illinois Michael Curry Summer Internship Program


Summer Music Scholarship

Applicant must be a member of Sigma Alpha Iota. One applicant from each Sigma Alpha Iota region is selected to attend any summer music program in the U.S. or abroad.

Max Award: $1,000

sponsored by Sigma Alpha Iota National Headquarters


Summer Honors Scholarship

Applicant must have a 3.0 GPA, competitive class rank and test scores (SAT or ACT). Applicant must have attended Indiana State University's Summer Honors Program.

Max Award: $1,000

sponsored by Indiana State University


East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes

Applicants must be U.S. graduate students enrolled in a research-oriented master's or Ph.D. program or college graduates enrolled in a joint bachelor's/master's program at a U.S. institution. Students must pursue studies in science, engineering and education research. The award provides summer research experience in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore or Taiwan, a $5,000 stipend, round-trip airfare, living expenses and orientation in Washington, DC.

Max Award: $5,000

sponsored by National Science Foundation East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes


Summer Development Grant Program

Award looks to assist students who do not meet the criteria for admission to one of the state's public universities. Award will assist with financial need pay for the Summer Development Program during the summer preceding the freshman year of college.

sponsored by Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning


Summer Enrichment Scholarship

Applicant must be a minority student who has demonstrated excellence in approach to the academic rigors of the Department of Developmental Instruction's (DDI) summer enrichment program. Financial need required.

Max Award: $1,000

sponsored by Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania


Summer Camp/Christian Service Scholarship

Applicant must work a summer as a youth-camp staff member or as a student intern for a church, conference, or union office.

sponsored by Walla Walla University


Video: Summer Jobs for Students

Sure, summer should be fun, but how are you going to pay for fun without money? Here are some summer job ideas around the house and community for students.

by CollegeXpress


4 Summer Activities That Will Impress Colleges

Summer is a great time to get ready for college. Find out what you can do in between your fun summer plans that will look great to admission committees.

by Shivani Ekkanath


7 Ways to Have a Productive Summer

While lounging around recovering from the stress of school is great, there are many easy things you can do to have a productive summer.

by Tayler Butters


5 Tips for Summer Courses to Avoid Ruining Your Break

Summer courses may not sound like the most enticing idea, but with these tips, you can get ahead of your education while still having a fantastic summer break.

by Emily Sandberg


Summer Work Room and Board Scholarship

Applicant must be an admitted student who has been selected to participate in the on-campus summer work program. Working one six week session provides room and board for the following fall term; working two six week sessions provides room and board for the following fall and spring terms. Priority consideration is given to students previously enrolled.

sponsored by College of the Ozarks


4 Flexible Summer Jobs to Get Paid and Take a Break

You deserve a break this summer, but you may also need some cash. Here are four flexible summer jobs to have fun and make money at the same time.

by Rachel Louissaint


Why It's Important to Search for Scholarships Over the Summer

Summer is one of the best times to search for scholarships. Here are a few reasons why you should be finding money to pay for college during the summer months.

by Lianna Jacob


All About Pre–College Summer Programs

Summer programs are a great opportunity to boost your skills and stay sharp over the summer. Here's what you need to know and why you should consider one!

by Dan Bi Han


4 Ways to Use Your Time Wisely During the Summer

Summer vacation is exciting, but it shouldn't be just about fun! Here's how students can be productive this summer and get ready for a big year ahead.

by Kiarra Louis


Brethren Summer Ministries Award

Applicant must participate in the summer ministry program of the Board of Christian Education of the Ashland-based Brethren Church.

Max Award: $1,000

sponsored by Ashland University


Summer Prep: 3 Ways to Get Ready for College Admission Season

Summer is the perfect chance to get a head start on the college admission process before the stress of senior year kicks in. Here are three key things to do!

by Lindsey Conger


Our Best Advice for Having an Awesome Summer Break

Make your summer vacation productive and fun with our best advice on getting work experience, preparing for college, and recharging after a long school year.

by CollegeXpress