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Best Ways to Prepare for 5 Different Supplemental Essays

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The Top 5 Do's and Don'ts for Letters of Recommendation

CollegeXpress Student Writer

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What Does Recommended Years of Study Mean?


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Admission Interview Strategies Students Should Know

Director of Communications, Commonwealth School

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College-Prep Homeschooling: What Records Do Colleges Want?

Professor, Author

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How Can I Help Students Apply to Reach Colleges?

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How Do I Transfer as an International Student?


The common reasons for transferring from one university to another fall into two categories: unintentional and intentional. read more

What Admission Requirements Are Important as a Transfer?


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Do Enough Credits Transfer to Graduate in Four Years?


Students thinking of transferring often worry most about losing credits after all the hard work they've done. Here's some expert advice on credit transfer. read more