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The Top 5 Do's and Don'ts for Letters of Recommendation

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Whether you need a recommendation for college, an internship, or a job, you need to request it at the ease of your recommenders. Here are some do's and don'ts! read more

What Does Recommended Years of Study Mean?


Colleges often require or recommend a certain amount of years of study in a high school subject for admission, but what does it really mean? We have the answer! read more

Admission Interview Strategies Students Should Know

Director of Communications, Commonwealth School

Stressed about an upcoming college admission interview? These top strategies will help you rock the meeting and impress admission officers at any school. read more

College-Prep Homeschooling: What Records Do Colleges Want?

Professor, Author

Every state has its own requirements regarding what records homeschools need to maintain. What should you be preparing? Use this advice and checklist to keep track! read more

How do I transfer from one college to another as an international student?


The common reasons for transferring from one university to another fall into two categories: unintentional and intentional. read more

If I transfer colleges, do I still have to provide my high school transcript?


Colleges usually need to receive your high school transcript unless you will complete your associate degree before you enroll. Also, at some schools, if you haven't completed a certain amount of class hours or course credits, you'll need to provide a high school transcript. read more

What GPA will I need in order to transfer to a college of my choice?


It depends on the college. It may also depend on the program you hope to transfer into. Colleges will look at your semester averages as well as your overall grade point average. read more

Do accepted transfer students need to take placement tests?


Often, transfer students may be asked to take a placement test in math, English, or a language. Check with the admission or registrar office at the college you plan to attend to learn more. read more

How do I know what courses will transfer for credit and how long will it take me to graduate?


Credits earned at a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of C or better that are similar to credits offered at the college you plan to attend will usually transfer. read more