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10 Great Movies to Watch That Celebrate Black History

Celebrate Black history all year by watching these amazing films centered around Black history and stories that are sure to help everyone grow as an ally.

K–12 Manager, City of Seattle

Timeline of Important Events in Black History

To celebrate and learn more about Black history, check out this timeline of significant events, including important milestones in the history of education.


Finding a Diverse College Community in 3 Easy Steps

If you're looking for a college that values and promotes diversity, here's how you can discover if there's a diverse community on campus and in the local area.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Great Colleges and Universities in the Northeast That Value Diversity

Find great colleges and universities that support all students equally with this list of schools that value diversity in the Northeastern US.


Great Colleges and Universities in New England That Value Diversity

Picture yourself on a campus covered in autumn leaves walking to class with a diverse group of peers. You'll find that here at these colleges in New England.


Great Colleges and Universities in the South That Value Diversity

Start searching for great colleges right here with this list of schools in the Southern US that value diversity and support students from all backgrounds.


Great Colleges and Universities in the West That Value Diversity

Looking for a college that supports students of color, first-generation, and other diverse undergrads? Check out these great choices in the Western US!


The Importance of College Accessibility and Resources for Underserved Students

There's a long history of students in underserved communities lacking access to college, career opportunities, and more. Here's how this issue needs to change.

CEO, Oliver Scholars

Spotlight on Black Faculty at Colleges and Universities

Black professors and admin make up a small percentage of US college campuses. Read inspiring educators' stories and words of encouragement for students.

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Q&A: Internship and Career Prep Advice for Students of Color

We teamed up with AiLun Ku from The Opportunity Network to share advice on internships and career planning for students of color. Read our interview here!


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