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College Students' Quick Guide to Health: Taking Care of Your Body

In part one of this series on college student health, learn why it’s so important to take care of your body with exercise, healthy eating, and self-care.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Elizabethtown College

How Can I Make Exercising Easier and More Fun in College?

Struggling to incorporate exercise into your daily college life? We have some expert advice on making it fun and easy to keep up with.


How to Set Up an Effective Exercise Routine Living in a Dorm

Looking for an effective daily exercise routine that's easy to keep up with? We've got some ideas for you, including equipment you can buy for your dorm.

Author and Digital Marketing Specialist

Working Out Your Mental Health: 3 Benefits of Regular Exercise for Students

Enhance your mental health as a student with exercise! Here's a look at why it's important and how working out improves your mental health.

Author and Digital Marketing Specialist

4 Easy Ways to Be More Active With a Hectic School Schedule

High school and college students are busy, especially at the end of the school year. But making time to be active can help you in all sorts of different ways.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Anderson University

6 Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle in College

Sometimes all the pressure and partying in college can impede student health. Here are some simple ways you can stay healthy so you can work hard and play hard.


Student Fitness: How to Get Moving in High School and College

Exercising could mean hitting the gym every few days or something entirely different for you! Here are some ways to get active in high school and college.

Freelance Writer

How to Take Care of Yourself in College

Taking care of your health and wellness might seem impossible in college, especially when you're caught up in classes, clubs, and social stuff. But it's possible. And it's important!

Student, Elmhurst College

Your Mini Dorm Room Workout

The holidays are behind us, and it's time to get back in shape! These four easy and dorm-friendly exercises will help.

Founder, O2 MAX Fitness

8 Tips for Finding Balance in College

Hi, overwhelmed, overworked, overtired college student. How are you holding up?

President and Founder, SMW Group LLC; Author, B is for Balance, 12 Steps Toward a More Balanced Life at Work and at Home

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