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Important Questions About Your High School Student's GPA, Answered

Your student's GPA is important to college admission, but it can be confusing and certainly isn't the only factor. Here's what parents should know, plus a Q&A.

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Top Tips for Students to Get Good Grades in High School and College

With a few smart strategies and the right supplies, you can maintain good grades in high school or college. Here's what you need to know about keeping up!

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What Is More Important: Your GPA or SAT Scores?

Knowing how all your college application info is weighed into the admission decision is important, but which is more important: your GPA or your SAT scores?

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10 Tips to Improve Your High School GPA

Are you stressing out because your GPA isn't quite what you want? We've got you covered with some great tips to bring up those grades to where you want them!

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Your Ultimate Guide to a 4.0 Grade Point Average

Improving your grades is always a beneficial goal. Here's what a 4.0 GPA means for college-bound high schoolers, university students, and job seekers.


How Are Grades Used in College Admission Decisions?

The classes you take and the grades you earn are the most important factor upon which you are evaluated when you apply to college. Read more from our experts.


9 College Admission Tips for Students With Bad Grades

Even if you have a low high school GPA, you can still make your college dreams a reality. And these study and application tips can help you get there!

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How to Boost Your Second-Semester Grades

Want to end the second semester strong? Check out these essential study tips, plus a handy video that will help you become a memorization master.

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How Important Is GPA in the Admission Process?

Yes, it's true that grades are very important in the college admission process...but that doesn't mean you need a perfect GPA to get into college.

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Grad School Search: Solutions for a Low Undergrad GPA

Undergrad GPA is an important part of grad school admission. If you're worried about your GPA being low, here's a look at how that can affect your chances.

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