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6 Important Ways to Get Involved on Campus

Freelance Writer

College is about more than just good grades and getting a degree. To make the most of your experience, get out of your dorm room and get involved in some of these on- and off-campus opportunities! read more

Going Clubbing: A Look Into Collegiate Club Sports

Student, Gonzaga University

When you land on campus and start exploring various student activities, be sure to look into club sports. They can serve as an excellent way to make friends while staying active and enjoying a sport you love. read more

Intramurals for the High School Athlete

Graduate Student, Merrimack College

High school athletes may find sports no longer fit into their lives the same way once they arrive at college. Varsity isn't always an option, for various reasons, but intramural sports can help fill the gap. read more

What's the difference between intramurals and sport clubs?


Intramural sports programs provide students an opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sport activities. You may encounter leagues for men's, women's, or mixed (co-recreational, or CoRec) teams. read more

Intramural Sport Opportunities for Everyone

Assistant Director, Department of Campus Recreation, University of California, Davis

Students come to a university or college campus primarily to obtain an education and fine-tune the skills needed in today's global economy. However, career success frequently requires talents beyond those developed in the classroom. read more