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Can I Get Aid to Pay for Pre-College Program Tuition?


There are a number of ways to get financial aid and/or scholarships to help cover the cost of attending a pre-college program. Learn more here! read more

Navigating the US Financial Aid Process as an International Student

International Admissions Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissions, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Universities in the United States offer several types of aid, and it is important to understand your options to make an informed decision. read more

Socioeconomic Diversity on College Campuses

Broadcast Journalism Major, Boston University

Going to college often means meeting people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Of course, money can be, and probably always will be, a touchy subject. There are just a few things students need to keep in mind when thinking about socioeconomic diversity. read more

How Can I Help Students With Financial Aid?

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Help students and their families with financial aid is a big part of college counseling. Our experts have some advice for how to help them through the process. read more

How Do I Start the Financial Aid Application Process?


Going to college is expensive, no matter where you go. And the financial aid process can be overwhelming. Here's some expert advice to get you started. read more

Should I Apply for Financial Aid if I May Not Be Eligible?

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Some students think they aren't eligible for financial aid because of their parents' high income, but many factors go into the FAFSA. Here's some expert advice. read more

Can I Get Good Scholarships as a Transfer Student?

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Incoming transfer students with strong academic credentials have a lot of opportunities for scholarships. See what options are available for you here! read more