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How Can I Help Students With Financial Aid?

Help students and their families with financial aid is a big part of college counseling. Our experts have some advice for how to help them through the process.

Charlotte M. Klaar, PhDCharlotte M. Klaar, PhD
Klaar College Consulting LLC
I offer basic financial aid advice and point the family in the direction of colleges who are notoriously generous with merit aid. In addition, I give the family a report that shows which scholarships the student might be eligible for at the colleges to which he or she is applying.

Silhouette of person sitting at desk with laptopHeather Johnson
Educational Consultant
Heather Johnson Associates
I keep financial issue in mind for families who are interested in merit- or need-based aid. I will let them know of the availability of financial aid at each of their schools, and I try to help match students well to merit-based schools so that they will be recipients of scholarship money. I point them to websites but do not get into finances with families, only guide them. 

Sandra E. CliftonSandra E. Clifton
Educational Consultant for Social & Emotional Learning
Clifton Corner: An Academic Coaching Center
To be honest, one of the best ways to get financial aid is to apply to schools that have never had an applicant like you before—including from your particular town and/or geographical region. Colleges are attracted to students who lend multiple layers of diversity to their campus, so going off the “beaten path” from your peers’ typical choices is a good way to attract funds.

K. Patricia AviezerK. Patricia Aviezer, MS

Inside Track To College, Inc.
Educating students and their families about what the whole process of financial aid is about and how it may or may not impact the college admission process. Providing deadlines, detailed information about filing and assisting with interpreting financial aid letters is an important aspect of college decision making.

You can find a ton of great resources to help your students understand their college finances in our Financial Aid section.

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