I don't think I'll be eligible for any financial aid; should I apply anyway?

Larry Moeder
Director of Admissions and Student Financial Assistance

Kansas State University
Some students don’t apply because they think their parents make too much money, but it’s impossible to say what income is too high. We had a student whose family made well over $80,000 a year, and the student qualified for everything. On the surface, you would think this person would not qualify for a grant, but this family had a total of eight children with six in college and needed financial aid to put another child through school.

Jon Boeckenstedt
Associate Vice President, Policy and Planning

DePaul University
Too many parents and students use neighbors and friends as their sole source of financial aid information. For the vast majority of families, not even an experienced financial aid administrator can tell you how much assistance you might receive until you complete the appropriate forms. . . . Financial aid is not a yes/no proposition; it varies from every college, and for every student, so don’t let anyone talk you out of applying to the college you think is right for you. You have almost nothing to lose by trying.

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