Saint Mary's College

Notre Dame, IN

Saint Mary's College, founded in 1844, is a private, Roman Catholic, liberal arts college for women. Its 100-acre campus is located in Notre Dame, IN, six miles from South Bend.

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Saint Mary's College

Notre Dame, IN

We Promise You Discovery


MORE THAN 50 Academic Programs
There are many ways to become the woman you’re destined to be. Talk with us to discover how our MAJORS, MINORS, CONCENTRATIONS, and PROGRAMS can all work together to form the perfect path, tailored just for you!

• Accounting
• Anthropology
• Applied Arts and Design
• Art

• Art Education
• Art History
• Autism Studies

• Biology

• Business

• Chemistry

• Communication Studies

• Computer Science
• Computing and Applied Mathematics

• Criminology
• Dance
• Data Science

• Design
• Economics

• Elementary Education

• Engineering

• English Literature

• English Writing

• Environmental Studies

• Film Studies
• Finance
• French
• Gender and Women’s Studies

• Gerontology/Aging Studies
• Global Justice and Human Rights
• Global Studies

• History

• Humanistic Studies

• Intercultural Studies
• International Business
• Italian
• Justice Studies
• Management Information Systems
• Marketing
• Mathematics

• Music

• Music Education

• Musical Theatre
• Neuroscience
• Nursing

• Philosophy

• Physics

• Physics and Applied Mathematics

• Political Science

• Pre-law
• Pre-med and Health Professions
• Psychology

• Public Relations/Advertising
• Religious Studies

• Secondary Education

• Social Work

• Sociology

• Spanish

• Speech Language Pathology

• Statistical and Actuarial Mathematics

• Studio Art
• Theatre

• Women’s History
• Undergraduate major
•• Graduate program

• 4+1—Save time and money when you earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years.
• Five-year dual degree—Earn your bachelor’s from Saint Mary’s and a bachelor’s in Engineering from the University of Notre Dame in your fifth year*. 

* Five-Year Dual Degree in Engineering Program with the University of Notre Dame
In addition to earning a bachelor’s from Saint Mary’s, you can also earn a bachelor’s from Notre Dame. While taking classes at Saint Mary’s, you can choose an area of focus in Engineering at Notre Dame, such as Chemical, Computer Science, Electrical, Environmental Earth Science, or Mechanical Engineering.

We promise you discovery
You’re intelligent, creative, passionate, dedicated to your dreams, and you want to make a difference in the world. Start here to discover who you’re meant to be. 

As a women’s college, Saint Mary’s College has an undergraduate community of 1,600 academically motivated women from 46 states and 10 countries who are determined to make the world a better place. Our students are more likely to speak up, ask for instruction, and become leaders when integrated into co-ed classes and work settings. At Saint Mary’s, accomplished, passionate, confident women express themselves, share their dreams, push each other, support each other, encourage each other, are inspired, and strive to inspire every day. That’s when college becomes more than a community—it becomes a sisterhood.

Discover your passion
Choose from more than 50 academic programs that will help you take on the complex challenges of the world. You’ll graduate with more than a degree: you’ll gain experience through internships, graduate-level research with your professors, and service opportunities around the country and world.

Discover opportunities to explore your faith and examine the issues that are important to you. Study abroad during the academic year or in summer programs in countries such as Argentina, Ireland, Italy, or South Korea. You can also leadand participate in one or more of 70 organizations, intramural athletics, and eight varsity sports. You’ll be immersed in intellectual endeavors where you’ll explore your talents, get involved in campus life and the local community, and form lifelong friendships.

Discover your power
Our graduates are women of actionwho develop the skills, knowledge, empathy, and vision to guide their corner of the world forward, whether they’re directing a global organization, serving the needs of humanity, or exploring areas of scientific discovery. Through rigorous academics and experiential learning, you’ll acquire the tools to take charge of your life and your future.

Our professors are dedicated to each student’s personal growth and academic success. With an average class size of 18 students and a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, you’ll be highly engaged in discussions, involved in comprehensive research, and encouraged to ask questions. You’ll develop communication and critical-thinking skills indiscussion-based classes. Collaboration in lectures and labs ensures you’ll master difficult concepts. And you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your learning through creative projects and presentations, including the comprehensive senior project—a graduate-level thesis, an examination, or a research project in your area of study.

Be part of something bigger
Founded in 1844 by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Saint Mary’s College has a history of empowering women to excel and lead in their chosen fields. A Catholic women’s college, Saint Mary’s is ranked among the nation’s top 50 liberal arts colleges for “best value” and offers unique programs, including a dual degreein Engineering with the University of Notre Dame.

Enjoy the academic and social experiences of one of the nation’s most respected women’s liberal arts colleges while taking part in Notre Dame’s legendary traditions—from cheering on the Fighting Irish to joining the Notre Dame marching band, from writing for The Observer to attending classes, dances, and concerts.

At Saint Mary’s, you will benefit from a college experience that is more diverse and expansive, that offers more opportunities than a typical college town. Watch your personal and professional networks grow as you participate in numerous clubs and activities on both campuses and become connected to the global networks of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s graduates.