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Science & Engineering Profile

When you come to SVSU, you become part of We

At Saginaw Valley State University, we value the importance of STEM to push boundaries, improve lives, and advance us into tomorrow. Our hard-working students are leaders, problem-solvers, researchers, and innovators who question the obvious and embrace their curiosity. We embrace challenges and are constantly discovering something new. With small class sizes, hands-on experience, and industry-connected professors, you will be engaged and supported in our outstanding programs. Our SVSU Cardinals are constantly innovating, defying limits, and making groundbreaking discoveries in their fields.

International excellence
Students in our College of Science, Engineering & Technology compete—and win—against the world’s best. Engineering students in our Cardinal Formula Racing team twice have built the fastest college race car in the world at the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers competition. Computer science students have out-programmed others to place among the top 100 in the world.

Experiential learning
At SVSU, we believe in learning by doing. We combine classroom instruction with hands-on experience, so we provide our students with plenty of practical knowledge. Our Honors Program and Undergraduate Research Program give students unique opportunities to engage in faculty-mentored research projects, as well as publish and present their original findings at national and international conferences. Also, our Saginaw Bay Environmental Science Institute provides students with exclusive research opportunities in the Saginaw Bay Watershed—one of the world’s best freshwater laboratories.

Regional partnerships
Our engineering students work with community leaders to design ride-on toy cars for children with special needs and partner with regional businesses to develop real-world solutions for clients. Our STEM programs are nationally accredited and prepare our students to soar in graduate school and their careers. Our Cardinals attend some of the best graduate schools in the country and earn internships at companies like Dow, DuPont, Ford, and General Motors—often leading to full-time positions.

Engaging opportunties
Whether you are studying the waters of Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region, leading research in cyber behavior and biometrics, joining the biology club or chemistry club, exploring our on-campus ecological research area, or working with the US EPA on rapid testing water quality of public beaches, SVSU has every opportunity for you to excel.

The Cardinals of SVSU thrive in STEM and challenge themselves to reach for the extraordinary. We lead, discover, innovate, create, and explore where our ideas take us. Our academics combine engaging classroom study with practical experience, providing our students with the tools they need to succeed.

Supportive professors
Our passionate professors are committed to helping you grow, learn, and thrive so that you can reach your full potential. That’s why are computer science department has one of the highest professor ratings in Michigan. STEM professors know you by name and offer one-on-one mentoring for professional, medical, and graduate programs. At SVSU, the opportunities are endless, and your success is limitless.


STEM Badge

97% overall job placement for STEM graduates

Formula 1 badge

Ranked the #1 exclusively undergraduate formula racing team in the world

Computer Programming badge

Ranked #2 "Best Computer Programming Degree" in Michigan

Discover Your Potential

Our students and faculty have a passion for discovery, research, and ultimately answering the age-old question, “Why?” We have opportunities for you to pursue this new passion with your own research; SVSU provides up to $5,000 per student project. At SVSU, we push limits and are driven to succeed. That is why we have:

• Virtually 100% job placement for mechanical engineering graduates
• #1 exclusively undergraduate formula racing team in the world
• #2 best ranked computer programming degree in Michigan
• State-of-the-art lab equipment and 17 modern engineering laboratories
• A metal casting foundry
• $5 million in funding to support STEM student projects

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “SVSU has given me the opportunities and resources I needed to get to where I am today. My professors, especially my research advisor, have done their best to teach me everything I need to know to be prepared for graduate school. The knowledge and wisdom they have imparted on me will be valuable throughout the rest of my life.”

    • Vincent Flores
  • “I love the amazing facilities that are available at SVSU. The engineering department has a number of resources to help you be successful in your field. SVSU offers the facilities and feel of a big school with the personal attention and class sizes of a smaller university.”

    • Sabrina Coffman
      Mechanical Engineering
  • “SVSU has supported me in very many ways. I think they built the foundation for me in my professional life. Through my studies I was able to do research through the Environmental Science Institute. That helped me look at learning in a different perspective.”

    • Emily Short
  • “At SVSU, you are afforded opportunities to perform professional research, and that helped me a lot. To be able to say I had research experience as an undergraduate student makes me a unique applicant to a lot of institutions with graduate programs. That’s not something a lot of undergrads get to do.”

    • Dustyn Tubbs
      Computer Science