All the Study Abroad Advice You'll Ever Need

The hows and whys of studying abroad, plus some handy lists of colleges and universities with strong study abroad programs.

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Studying abroad is one of those crazy college perks that seem almost too good to be true (right up there with all-you-can-eat waffles in the dining hall). You get to go globe-trotting for college credit, and you learn incredible things from incredible people along the way. It’s also a surprisingly marketable experience when you’re out job hunting. So if you’re lucky enough to have study abroad opportunities available to you, take advantage! These articles and lists will help you navigate your study abroad options and teach you how to make the most of your time, wherever you end up. 

Why you should study abroad

  • Study Abroad: A Step Toward Changing the World: Are you thinking about studying abroad? Here are a few insights into how it can change your life—and maybe even help you change the world.
  • How to Land a Job with Your Study Abroad Experience: Studying abroad is an ideal way for you to enhance your marketability for employment. Here's a specific method to sharing your experience on your résumé and in interviews that will help you open doors to internships and jobs.
  • Top Reasons for Studying Abroad: Studying abroad is kind of a big deal: you have to say goodbye to your tiny campus bubble, your best friends, and your dog to embark on an educational adventure overseas.
  • Study Abroad as "Citizen Diplomacy" and a Résumé Booster: Spending a semester in Paris or Prague may sound like four months with an accent on fun, but it can also help make you a citizen of the world and an attractive job applicant—and it doesn't have to be expensive.

Finding the right study abroad program

  • Going (and Staying!) Abroad: Whether you study abroad for a few weeks, months, or longer, you are almost certain to discover innumerable, invaluable things about the world, its people, and yourself.
  • The World is Your Oyster: Summer Programs Abroad: Think studying abroad is just for college students? Think again. Summer programs abroad offer a range of opportunities for high school students interested in going overseas.
  • Top 20 Leading Destinations of U.S. Study Abroad Students: From the hot beaches of Brazil to the busy city streets of China, students sure do know how to get around.
  • Kia Ora: Studying Abroad in New Zealand: Coming from the United States, New Zealand has a familiar feel. Same language, similar scenery, and areas reminiscent of major U.S. cities like Boston and Denver. Yet, there is something very different that's hard to define.

Study abroad tips and tricks

Lists of schools known for their study abroad programs

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