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Best College Cafeteria Food
by Catherine Seraphin
What are some of the all-time favorite college foods? I embarked on a quest to find out, and solicited friends, family, and strangers to confess their favorite college cafeteria cuisine.
Infographic: How College Students Order Food
by CollegeXpress
Ever wonder if college students eat differently than everyone else? Turns out, they do, and this infographic has the proof.
College Student–Athletes, Food, and Nutrition
by Abby Parcon
Eating the right foods at the right times is crucial for student-athletes to maintain peak performance. Here's what you need to know about the foods you eat.
Delivery Service to Bring Home–Cooked Food to Illinois Dorms
by CollegeXpress
Chicago-area students, rejoice: home cookin' is coming your way (or at least it could be) via the new startup homefoodtoday, scheduled to launch on May 3.
How Colleges Are Helping Students Meet Basic Needs
by Joanna Nesbit
Many students have faced exacerbated hardships since the pandemic began. Here's how colleges are helping with food and housing and where you can find resources.
How to Eat Healthy in College (on the Cheap!)
by Jessica Thiefels
What if you could get good, tasty, healthy, AND cheap food for your dorm room? This personal trainer and nutrition specialist explains how.
The Best Student Discounts: Food, Clothes, and More
by Ashley Wilkins
Student discounts can take the edge off your college costs. Sure, it's only a 10%-15% edge. But every little bit helps.
The Best Ideas for Dorm Meals Without a Kitchen
by Sarah H. Long
Cooking your own food in college may seem impossible without a full kitchen, but it can be done with a little creativity. Check out the best hacks here!
The Best Study Snacks for Healthy Eating in College
by Shivani Ekkanath
With finals stress, a lot of students turn to food for comfort and not always in the best way. Read on to learn how to snack healthily this finals season.
Rocking College Music Festivals You Don't Want to Miss
by Caroline Potts
If it's spring, it's festival season on campus. And that means lots of food, fun, games, and, obviously, great music.
10 Amazing Sandwiches You Can Make in a Dorm
by CollegeXpress
Sandwiches. They may be the world's most perfect food, and we've put together a list of fancy sandwich ideas perfect for students living in dorms.
What's Trending in High Schools and Colleges in 2017
by CollegeXpress
What's trending on high school and college campuses right now? From food to fashion, La La Land to dabbing, there's a lot to cover...