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Common Questions About Pre–College Programs
by Hunter Freedman
Interested in a summer pre-college program? Read on to find out exactly what these programs are, how to find one you like, and their benefits.
5 Benefits of Pre–College Summer Programs
by Rosemary Cochrane
Summer programs offer or high school students the chance to see college life while boosting their applications. Here are the advantages of pre-college programs!
Can I Get Aid to Pay for Pre–College Program Tuition?
by Elizabeth Elkins, Rhiannon Schade
There are a number of ways to get financial aid and/or scholarships to help cover the cost of attending a pre-college program. Learn more here!
Pre–College Credit: How to Earn It and How It Transfers
by Melody DeBlasio
There are plenty of ways to get credits for college in high school. Learn about different types of credits and how they might transfer with this helpful guide.
All About Pre–College Summer Programs
by Dan Bi Han
Summer programs are great opportunities to boost your skills and stay sharp over the summer. Here's what you need to know and why you should consider one!
Pre–College Prep: How to Get Ready for Your First Semester
by Katie E. Warner
Whether you're excited, nervous, or both, there are a lot of things to do before you start your first year of college. Here's how to prepare so you feel more comfortable and prepared on move-in day.
What's the Pre–College Summer Program Application Process Like?
by Rhiannon Schade
Some summer programs require an application many months in advance. Some only require registration. Find out more on CX now!
Why You Should Think About Doing a Summer Program
by Jim Martinho
Looking to stand out from the crowd in the college admission process? Try a pre-college summer program! Here's how they can help improve your chances.
Stay Sharp This Summer Without Breaking the Bank
by CollegeXpress
Worried about how expensive a pre-college program might be? We've got you covered. Here are great tuition-free and financial aid supported programs to consider.
Business Summer Programs for Students
by Jim Martinho
Admission to the premier business schools in the country can be as cutthroat as the business world itself, so help set yourself apart from the crowd by attending a pre-college summer business program.
How to Find the Perfect Summer Camp
by Jessica Tomer
Lazy days of summer? Not quite! Here's how you can find and get into a great summer pre-college camps, and examples of what to expect when you get there.
How to Pursue Your Interest in Pre–med in High School
by Maggie Chiappetta-Uberti
Want to see if pre-med is the right path for you? Here's how to create your own opportunities and get a taste for the medical field in high school.