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8 Amazing Female Authors to Add to Your Reading List

Before, during, and after Women’s History Month, there’s always time to read great books by incredible female authors. Here are some recommendations!

Senior Assistant Editor, CollegeXpress

10 Great Movies to Watch That Celebrate Black History

Celebrate Black history all year by watching these amazing films centered around Black history and stories that are sure to help everyone grow as an ally.

K–12 Manager, City of Seattle

Entertainment Picks to Help Pass the Time

We have the cure for your social distancing boredom. Check out this huge list of movie, TV, book, music, and podcast recommendations from CX users!


4 Fun and Easy Activities to Get Dorm Residents Together

Whether you're an RA planning an event or a student who wants to know your floormates, these activities are sure to get everyone together and having fun.

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13 Ideas for a Fun Night in Without Leaving Your Dorm

Don't have the energy to go out? We hear you! Here are 13 things you can do to relax and have fun in the comfort of your college dorm room.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

4 Interesting Podcasts to Listen to on Your Study Breaks

Need a break from studying but worried you'll lost momentum if you stop? Try listening to these podcasts on your study break to keep your wheels turning.

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College Student City Guide: Boston

Here, we welcome you to that feisty New England city that is still a quintessential college town, where the Red Sox call home and they love that dirty water: Boston.

Writer, Senior Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Top 5 Tips for Students Living in Washington, DC

Our nation's capital, Washington, DC, is home to beautiful monuments. But for the many students who flock to DC, the tourist hotspots won't keep them entertained (or fed!) for the whole school year!

Senior, Catholic University of America

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