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Great Colleges and Universities for Health and Medicine in the West

Looking for a great college to launch your health sciences career? Here's a great list of schools offering Health & Medicine degrees in the Western US.


Make a Difference by Majoring in Nursing

The demand for qualified nurses has never been higher. Here are just a few reasons more prospective students should consider a major in Nursing.

Retired Director of Public Relations, D'Youville College

An Essential Breakdown of Health Care Basics for New Adults

As an adult, it's time to move on from the days of your mom making your appointments for you. Take control of your health care with this basic advice!

Freelance Writer

The Fast Track to Medicine: 6-Year Direct-Entry Medical Programs

You've always wanted to be a doctor--why wait four more years to focus on getting into med school? Read on to learn more about direct-entry medical programs in college.

Founder, Moon Prep

How Can I Properly Evaluate the Quality of a Health and Medicine Program?

Thinking about majoring in the health sciences? Here's some expert advice to consider before deciding to get the most out of your academic experience.


A Day in the Life of a Health Care Team

From physician assistants to radiologists to dietitians, there are so many career options in medicine for you to consider beyond being a doctor or nurse.

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The Commonwealth Medical College

3 Rewarding Health Care Careers You Haven't Considered

There's a wealth of options for aspiring health professionals beyond doctors and nurses. Here are three great roles in the allied health fields to consider.

Director of Communications, Commonwealth School

3 Important Steps to Kick-Start Your Nursing Career

Nursing can be a difficult path, but those who stick with it enjoy long and rewarding careers. Here are three important steps to help you reach your goal.

Former PR Associate, BrainTrack

How Can I Be a Strong Candidate for a BS/MD Program?

Students wanting to attend med school have a lot of competition to go up against. Here's some great expert advice on preparing early to make yourself stand out.


Medical School Admission Requirements by Design

Perhaps you feel it--the call to become a physician. The path to medical school and the subsequent practice of medicine is notoriously rigorous and very competitive. Yet, some say the hardest part of the journey is the admission process.

Director, Chemistry Program, Mount Mary College

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