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Who Can Help if I'm Struggling in My College Classes?

Colleges want you to succeed, so there are plenty of on-campus resources to access for academics. Here's where our experts suggest you turn for assistance.

Donald K. ShermanDonald K. Sherman
Attorney, Author
Colleges want you to succeed. They want you to maximize your classroom experience and go on to successful careers after you graduate. That’s not only their purpose for being but also the best way for them to get donations in the future! As such, colleges and universities have lots of resources to assist you if you are struggling with your classes or any other academic problems. Attending office hours with your professors is a great first step to improving your grasp of the material. In addition, your academic advisor, resident assistant, or deans can help you find tutors and various other academic resources. Finally, never be too proud to ask your classmates for advice; they often have the benefit of the experience you need to succeed.

You can also find helpful homework and studying resources right here on CollegeXpress in our Majors and Academics section.

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