What is an interdisciplinary major?

Donald K. ShermanDonald K. Sherman
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An interdisciplinary major provides students with the opportunity to combine the best of several subject areas around a single theme. As an American studies major in college, I used sociology, history, and government to focus on issues of social justice in the American experience. Interdisciplinary majors are valuable because they allow students to experience college in a way that is comparable to the real world of work. While many careers require you to specialize in one particular area, you still have to bring various skills and experiences to bear in order to succeed. For instance, financial analysts must become experts in various industries in order to advise their clients effectively. Interdisciplinary study is an effective way to build a wide range of substantive knowledge and develop a comfort level with multitasking. Like any major, success requires commitment, but for students who are looking for more variety in their academic experience, an interdisciplinary major might be a good fit.

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