Great Careers for Aspiring Humanities Majors to Consider

A Humanities degree gives you a wide range of potential careers after graduation. Here's a look at 10 potential jobs you could pursue after college.

Are you concerned about what you can do with a Humanities degree? Well, you're not alone. Every Humanities major asks the same question and goes through the same quest to find a job. There are plenty of options available out there, as humanities is a wide-ranging field spanning literature, history, art, music, philosophy, and other aspects of human culture. But you need to consider the pros and cons of each job opportunity as well as your personal interests. You already have what it takes to make it—all you need to do is stay focused and find what you're passionate about.

As with many majors and career fields, you may not find what you're looking for in just one go. You can try out more than one career to find the best fit for you, and you can even have multiple streams of income. The options and combinations are never-ending. Make the process of finding a career a bit easier by checking out this list of 10 career paths you can consider with a Humanities degree.

1. Advertising manager

Being an advertising manager is a rewarding job that gives you full artistic control. You’ll get to plan out product photoshoots, marketing strategy, slogans, and everything that helps a company with branding to get products to the people who need them. You need to understand your market segment and be well acquainted with the product you need to advertise. The sky's the limit for your creative and marketing skills; the more you explore, the better you’ll get at it.

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2. Counselor

Do you want to help people who are confused, tired, saddened, or just don’t feel right? If so, counseling may be the right profession for you. You’ll have the opportunity to help people get on their desired path in one way or another, with numerous career options such as career consultant, therapist, school counselor, and many others. You may need a little extra schooling or certification for some positions, but a Humanities degree can put you on the right track.

3. Artist

You probably guessed this one already, right? A Humanities degree can help you build a profession in painting, graphic design, sculpture, and more with no limits. As a trained artist, you can turn any piece into a masterpiece. You can also use art to give back to the community and those around you. If you aspire to touch the horizons of your creative and artistic mind—or if you just want to be your own boss—this could be the path for you.

4. Editor

Do you like writing? More than that, are you a pro with your grammar and sentence structure? Then being an editor is the best fit you could ask for. This type of leadership position is full of opportunities to teach writers how to improve their writing and help craft pieces that move people. You’ll get to proofread all day and look for grammatical errors, authenticity of facts, the right tone, syntax, and much more. 

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5. Education administrator

If you know being a teacher isn’t your cup of tea but you still want to impact the education system, consider the core roles that aren’t directly associated with teaching students but instead running the institution. This way, you’ll have the reins to positively impact students, management, and school affairs. You can look for opportunities to be a secretary, principal, superintendent, or another key figure, though some positions may require more education than others.

6. Event organizer

If planning and organizing events is your jam, then why not make some money and turn it into your career? You could be a wedding planner, start a catering company, work at a hotel or conference center, or just become a general event organizer. An eye for visual art, a keen business sense, and effective time management are all required to take your company to the top. As long as you choose an area that interests you, your events are bound to be a success.

7. Historian

How do you feel about going on trips to interpret old texts or find the cultural setting of long-lost societies? Sounds interesting, right? You have the option to research, write, or sketch as a historian. This career is characterized with diverse opportunities to travel the world, study close to home, join team projects, or conduct your own. Being an archaeologist is another option if you want to dig up old skeletons and find fossils.

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8. Human resource specialist

If you’re naturally mentorship-minded and enjoy helping diverse groups of people, then you’ve found the ideal career for yourself as a human resource specialist. By working in HR, you’ll help employees with the tensions associated with work and manage their benefit packages. People spend a lot of their time working, and your job will be to ensure their work/life balance and rights are maintained.

9. Social worker

What’s better than the gift of helping hundreds of people and positively impacting their lives? Becoming a social worker gives you the option to be fluid and fight for the causes that matter so you can truly make a difference. You can volunteer or start your own organization; you can work with children and families that need support; you can fight for women’s rights or advocate for policies that aid homeless people. You can basically do it all.

10. Travel agent

Do you have wanderlust? By becoming a travel agent, you can help people explore the deep corners of the world and the vivid cultures that dwell there. If you don’t want to travel for work, that’s great—as an agent, you don’t have to travel. All you need to do is gain the information and knowledge on travel, the best places to stay, and other spots to recommend as you help others plan trips. All the tourists will agree that you’ve got a great job on your hands. 

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No matter what you do with your Humanities degree, try to be the best you can be and enjoy the work you do. Don’t fall into the trap of ifs and buts; take your shot once you’re confident and don’t look back. Be sure to learn from your mistakes and build a rewarding career wherever your interests lie; you won’t regret it!

There are a lot of great schools where you can earn your Humanities degree. Start looking for your best fit on our Featured School Profiles page!

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