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Video: How to Choose Classes for Senior Year of High School

Senior year is important in preparing for college, and your classes will play a large role in that. Here's some advice on how to choose your classes.

Senior year course selection can be a tricky thing. With only one year left, you need to make sure you take all your required classes so you can get into the college of your dreams and graduate on time. Don’t go at it alone. Seek out tips and advice and go to your school counselor for help too. But you can start by checking out Isabella’s video below for tips on how to choose your senior year classes to fit your future goals and path to graduation.

Take college classes

If your high school offers college courses, make sure to take as many as you can comfortably fit in your schedule. Besides getting a taste of the college experience in high school, you’re also saving money by taking these classes ahead of time. Taking them now means you’ll most likely get college credit at whichever college you attend later, and there will more room in your schedule for other classes when you get there.

Take AP classes

AP classes seem stressful and a lot of work but will really help you out in the long run. And if you pass the exams, you’ll get college credit for passing as well as a weighted GPA. Taking these courses in your junior and senior year is a good way to challenge yourself and prepare you for college, since they’re taught like a college course.

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Make sure you’re taking all required classes

Just because it’s your senior year doesn’t mean you don’t still have classes you’re required to take. Make sure you’re taking all required courses; for instance, if you’re in an accelerated STEM program, you likely need to be taking AP or honors math and science classes. Get advice from your school counselor about what classes you should be taking. They can also help you adjust your schedule if you’re not on track for graduation.

Choose classes you’ll enjoy

You don’t want to be miserable throughout the year because you chose a random filler class. You’ll just end up in classes where you’re not motivated because no one around you wants to do the work either. Look over the available classes and find something that piques your interest—maybe drawing, painting, or another hobby that interests you.

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We hope these tips help you choose your classes for senior year and make it as great a last year of high school as possible. Have a wonderful school year, and good luck in the rest of your college admission journey!

Once you’ve chosen your classes, it’s time to buckle down and get through the year. And you can do it with Our Best Advice for Senior Year of High School.

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