Invalidating 4 Common High School Stereotypes

Some high school clichés just need to be squashed! Check out these four high school student stereotypes and why they're only a part of Hollywood scripts.

Have you ever thought about the stereotypes that surround high school? The mean girls, the jocks, the geeks, the artistic kids, and more. If you’re an incoming freshman and you’re anxious about starting high school, then this is for you. A lot of the people and situations that movies and TV shows portray about high school and high school students aren’t factual, especially in today’s world. Let’s take a look at four common high school stereotypes and why they’re works of fiction.  

Stereotype #1: The Mean Queen

The typical queen bee who’s portrayed in some of your favorite movies like Mean Girls is pseudo; it simply does not exist. You may face some spiteful or obnoxious people every once in a while, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s one specific girl that everyone is afraid of or follows. Some students might be more well-known than others, but most times they’re pretty kind people, so don’t be afraid to say hi—they won’t ask you to bow down.

Stereotype #2: The Jock

I was honestly surprised by how many people thought jocks were really popular and only surround their lives with sports and upperclassman peers. These types of people are known as athletes—but the Hollywood jock also doesn’t exist. Student-athletes are usually very entertaining and enjoyable to be around. They also aren’t all bullies or slow witted, contrary to what movies like American Pie may portray. And, if you decide to pick up a new workout routine, you know who to go to. 

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Stereotype #3: The Geek

My first piece of advice: Don’t ever call anyone a geek—it’s just rude. Second, the stereotypical “geek” is also basically a myth. You may have these crazy-smart people, but the typical acne, braces, gigantic glasses, and suspenders just isn’t something you’re going to see. These people are just smart; however, no one really labels them as such. I know a senior who graduated at the top of his class, an insanely smart kid who was extremely kind to everyone and towered over us. He wore glasses, but not the really big ones; he had chains and almost everyone knew him, but not because he was super-smart—it was because he was the type of guy who was friends with everyone and everyone wanted to be around. High schools could use more kind-hearted people like this, in my opinion. 

Stereotype #4: The Artistic Kid

You may know these people from art or art history or some other class. They’re the type of person who can draw, paint, shade, and do just about anything related to art. I think these types of students are really talented. If one of these stereotypes rings a little true, it’s this one—every artist I have come across finds creative ways to express themselves, often through the way the dress. But these people are typically kind and tend to be the most understanding. Don’t be afraid to reach out—you may find you have a lot in common that has nothing to do with art.  

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I hope anyone reading this knows there isn’t anything to be nervous about when it comes to the people you go to high school with. Seniors are usually nice to freshmen, and you may be in some classes with upperclassmen who don’t speak to you and just leave you alone. If you do encounter bullying (either as a victim or a bystander), stand up and say something, and hopefully others will do the same for you. I’ve been friends with people across all four grades—a lot of high school students are like that. Everyone may not become your best friend, but you’ll meet a lot of great people from other grades, especially if you do clubs or sports. Don’t be scared but don’t be pushy either, and you’ll be just fine. 

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