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Video: Get Involved: Unique Clubs to Join in School

High schools have so many clubs and organizations these days. See which ones student vlogger Isabella has joined to get ideas for your interests!

Your high school likely offers more clubs and organizations to join than you might think. You’d be surprised by the range of clubs for students—there’s something for practically every hobby! Join student vlogger Isabella as she shares the clubs she joined at school and explore your interests with her. You might get an idea for a new club you want to join from this video. You may even get some inspiration for clubs to join when you’re off to college.

Setting club priorities

When you’re thinking about what you want to participate in for activities, it’s smart to set some priorities for yourself to meet certain goals. Isabella’s priorities when choosing how to spend her time and which activities to join include:

  • Having enough activities to keep her consistently busy,
  • Participating in activities that truly interest her,
  • And taking on clubs that boost her college résumé.

These are all good considerations for your own priorities as well but don't worry if your focus and goals lie elsewhere. And if you're pursuing college activities, they'll still look good on a job application one day.

Isabella’s clubs and organizations

  • Newspaper: Writer
  • Yearbook: Chief Editor
  • Student Council: Fall Committee
  • Pinterest Club
  • Tutor for ninth and 10th grade students
  • National Honor Society: Treasurer

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Unique clubs and committed roles on your college applications go a long way in showing admission committees that you’re a dedicated student and a passionate person. Don’t be afraid to pursue things off the beaten path. As long as you put your whole heart into whatever you do, the effort will show.

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