Amazing lives in view.


• Accounting and Finance
• American Studies (Political Science)
• Arts and Media
• BA/BS in Biology
• BA–MBA Pathway (Business*)
• BA–MS Pathway (Community Psychology*)
• BA–MS Pathway (Leadership and Global Development*)
• Biomedical Science
• Business
• Criminal Justice
• Digital Art and Design
• Entrepreneurship
• Film and Media Production
• Game Design and Animation
• Global and Community Development
• Global Studies/International Studies
• Human Performance
• Interdisciplinary Arts and Media
• Management
• Marketing
• Media Studies (General)
• Pre-dentistry
• Pre-law
• Pre-medicine
• Pre-optometry
• Pre-pharmacy
• Pre-physical Therapy
• Pre-physician Assistant
• Psychology
• Web Design/Interactive Media

* Accelerate your education and get an advantage in the job market by completing your MBA or master’s in Community Psychology and Leadership & Global Development in about five years.

Codes You Need to Know
Marymount California SAT Code: 4515
Marymount California FAFSA Code: 010474
Marymount California ACT Code: 0316

Our academic focus is you
Helping you create an exceptional future is a responsibility we take seriously. That’s why Marymount California University gives all students the academic resources to discover what they want to do with their lives. From new programs to close faculty relationships, every academic experience at Marymount California is defined by our commitment to student success.

Where service and learning

At Marymount California, service isn’t simply encouraged—it’s part of the curriculum. Science students work with the Palos Verdes Nature Conservancy. Business students mentor local high school students through Junior Achievement. Sociology classes take on a 5K for the Asian Pacific Com
munity Fund.

Local to global—that’s our perspective
Marymount California University spans two Southern California campuses. Overlooking the Pacific in Palos Verdes, our Oceanview Campus offers the traditional collegiate experience. In neighboring downtown San Pedro, our Waterfront Campus connects students to a growing hub of commerce and culture.

Our study abroad program offers a world of opportunity. Full-semester options include such places as Spain, China, Switzerland, Greece, and Thailand. After four years here, your world-view will span the entire spectrum—urban to rural, local to global.

Go Mariners!
As a member of the Cal-Pac Conference and NAIA, Marymount participates in men’s and women’s soccer, cross-country, track & field, golf, and baseball/softball. Men’s lacrosse is played as a club sport.

Welcome home
With 78 furnished townhomes surrounding a community quad and pavilion, students enjoy the outdoor fire pit, volleyball and basketball courts, and frequent student activities. The University provides frequent shuttle service to campus and to local shopping and recreation.