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Shoutouts for National School Counseling Week 2021

School counselors have been there every step of the way during this roller coaster of a year. Check out why students are appreciative of all their hard work!

Today marks the last day of National School Counseling Week, a special appreciation week sponsored by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). This year’s theme, “School Counselors: All In for All Students,” certainly describes the efforts counselors have put in over the past year. Even during a world health crisis, counselors have adapted with their students to support them remotely and in person. Whether it’s been through Zoom meetings, email check-ins, or socially distanced visits, counselors are still there to help their students navigate high school and plan for the future. 

In honor of National School Counseling Week, we asked members of the CollegeXpress student community to tell us how their counselors have helped them during such a tumultuous time, and we were overwhelmed with responses! Unfortunately, we couldn’t include them all here, but we’re reaching out to counselors and sending along the personalized messages. You can read some of the sweetest shoutouts below—and counselors, know that your hard work is seen and very much appreciated by everyone! 

Counselor shoutouts from students 

Mrs. Trapani, Canyon High School

Mrs. Trapani has helped me through everything. I truly feel like she cares and loves her job. She goes above and beyond with everything she does. She is my safe place. 

Scott Searfoss, Avon Grove High School

Mr. Searfoss always made sure to answer my many questions about class registration and college. He responded in a timely manner while giving a lot of detail in his answers to my questions. I’m so glad he was my counselor throughout high school because he was such a big help to me! 

Julia Arriaga, Ben Franklin Terry High School

Thank you, Mrs. Arriaga, for always motivating me to be the best I can be. You help me get my confidence back and push me to excel as a person. Thanks to your support, I can do whatever I put my mind to!

Brent Mikkelsen, Manchester High School of Connecticut

He takes the time to make sure every single one of his students are taken care of and that they know he is there for them. Even if he can’t personally fix the issue, he will find out who can. 

Ms. Laura Barone, Brooklyn Technical High School

I’m grateful she helped me with my college applications, especially since I notified her pretty late compared to the rest of my peers. She also provided a second point of view for my college essay! 

Mr. Alex Segura, Cannon School

He’s one of the best college counselors. Even though he supports at least 100 other students, he always makes time for me. He listens to my concerns. He offers advice when necessary. He’s very supportive. We celebrate together. 

Robin Grant, Chapel Field Christian School

I think she’s one of the most giving people I’ve ever met. I have both conversed extensively with her and witnessed her interactions with others, and she takes the time to help everyone who needs it, even when her job presents confusing challenges.

Mrs. Sara Plant, Copley High School

Mrs. Plant, I've only known you for like two years, but you've made my switch to Copley easier and helped me make sure I could graduate. Thank you! 

Anthony Haggins, Corona High School

I believe my counselor is the best counselor because he supported me through the ups and downs of high school and my life. During my high school life, I lost my sibling, and my counselor was very supportive in helping me with my work and getting me back on track to continue living my life while in grief. He also tells me his life experiences, which put things into perspective for me about life.

Ms. Michele Perez, Desert Mirage High School

Ms. Perez is an amazing counselor! She always motivates her students, pushes them to be better, and is a very enthusiastic person! In these times, she has done a very impressive job at keeping me and my senior peers posted with everything we might need to know. My counselor, aside from being a school counselor, is part of the Puente Program. She is our familia and I appreciate her dearly! Thank you so much for your efforts, support, and good wishes, Ms. Perez! 

Bethany Hamby, East Wilkes High School

Mrs. Hamby is one of the funniest, kindest, and most relatable people I’ve ever met! The difference she has made in my life is remarkable, and I will never be able to repay her for the kindness she has shown me. 

Virginia Jodi Hertzler, Eastern Mennonite High School

Mrs. Hertzler works so hard for each student to be able to pursue their goals, whether that be college, work, or a gap year program. She’ll spend hours working on recommendation letters and scholarship lists for us that include due dates and direct links to apply.

Taylor Smith, Fayette Academy

Ms. Smith, thanks for giving me that extra push when I needed it and was dragging my feet! You care about us and it shows! 

Harrison S., Academia Ponce Interamericana

He’s such a big help to the entire school. Even though he has to handle many students and people, he always responds to your questions and is always available. He has been a great help throughout my time in this school, and I really appreciate all he has done.

Garrett Nyman, Summit High School

Overall, Garrett is a wonderful person who makes everyone’s day with his bubbly personality and sense of calm. I’m so grateful I get to talk to him. He’s not only a counselor but also a friend.

Gloria Wojtaszek, Burlington High School

Gloria Wojtaszek is just simply amazing. She always does whatever she possibly can to help her students succeed in both school and life. I really just want her to know how much I appreciate her. 

Judith White, Atherton High School

I’m thankful for them to for helping me through COVID-19 and getting me ready for the rest of my life. I would not be where I am today without her. 

Ms. Heather Simmons, Legacy Visual and Performing Arts High School

The absolute best counselor ever. She's awesome and on top of everything and is the sweetest about everything. She really does care about us and gets to know us as students individually. She does her best to answer every question on time. She's a rock star of a counselor! 

Tonya Armour, Linden High School

Mrs. Armour has always had my best interests at heart. Whether becoming a student-athlete, learning a trade, or just getting done with high school, Mrs. Armour has been a routine stop in my educational career. She knows so much about my credits for graduation, my challenges, and my resilience. I’m grateful for her knowledge. She has always provided options for whichever path I choose. Thank you, Mrs. Armour, and Goooo Eagles!

Mrs. Kelly Ann Shaw, Los Osos High School

She’s always going the extra mile trying to make sure every one of her students is taken care of, communicating every step of the way. Even on her vacation time, she was always one email away. We love you, Mrs. Shaw! And I’ll make you proud!

Mrs. Saadia Johnson, Lovejoy High School

I’m very much appreciative of all you have done for me, Mrs. Johnson. Without your help during my junior and now my senior year, I don't think I would have been accepted into the two colleges I've always planned to go to. God bless you! 

Mrs. Chelsea Gibson, North Bay Haven Charter Academy

I appreciate Mrs. Gibson for making the college application process stress-free. In 2018, our area was devastated by Hurricane Michael, so when COVID-19 hit, we were still dealing with residual effects from that. But Mrs. Gibson has been steadfast in ensuring we had what we needed to be successful. Words can't express how grateful and appreciative I am of her. 

Ms. Julie Hertz, Shady Side Academy

She’s amazing on so many levels. She was always so willing to help me with anything, really, and she dealt with the frequently awkward conversations I incited. I was quite irresponsible on my own standards, yet she was always understanding and supportive of me in my process. And, of course, I would not have been able to navigate the college application process if it were not for her! Thank you so much, Ms. Hertz!

Tammy Asbury, Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences

I really appreciate the lengths you go to in order to ensure that, both academically and emotionally, I’m in good shape. Thank you for always checking up on me. Thank you for taking the time to conduct an interview with me before writing my recommendation. And most of all, thank you for being realistic with me. You never discourage me, but you make sure that I’m aware of hurdles that colleges will throw. It has helped me prepare for these challenges. Best school counselor I could have ever asked for. Stay strong! 

Adriana Peraza, Urban Discovery Academy

Though being new to our school community this year, Adriana has been a most encouraging and generous addition. She has always gone the extra mile with holding office hours for student aid and becoming available to us during school breaks in case we need help with any college applications, even during these harsh times with the pandemic. She has been an amazing addition to our school community, and I'm so happy to have gotten the chance to work with her this year! 

Thank you to everyone!

Honestly, I just want to give a shout out to all school counselors currently. The college process and navigating certain things for high school is difficult, even more so in a pandemic. I appreciate how dedicated you all are to students’ growth.

We hope every counselor had a wonderful National School Counseling Week and felt all the love! Looking for even more ways to help your students? Check out our list of pandemic-specific resources.

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