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Campuses in Kansas and Oklahoma

Delivering the best academic and religious education possible
Saint Paul School of Theology is committed to the formation of people for innovative, creative ministry through rigorous academic life; the exploration of Scripture, tradition, and ministry practices; and diverse, contextual experience. 

Why choose Saint Paul?
Theology meets life at Saint Paul. So students are better equipped to make a difference in today’s world, we’ve created groundbreaking theology degrees through collaborations with the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas (Greater Kansas City Metro Area), and Oklahoma City University in Oklahoma. Each institution we've worked with has contributed its core strengths and principles so students get an integrated theological education with real-world, practical ministry experience. Our students become leaders who rely on the power of Jesus Christ to renew the church and transform the world. Graduates leave with the benefits of a solid theological foundation and experience necessary to educate and lead after graduation.

Our unique educational experience
• A real-world education model: We believe that the holistic formation of ministry and mission happens in the context of a worshipping Christian community, which models the interconnectedness of all life by its participatory decision-making processes and business elements. Students are also able to connect with other students through opportunities such as spiritual formation retreats.
• Learn from both professors and practitioners: As an educational community, we're committed to pluralistic, functional teaching and learning across geographic divides. We emphasize interdisciplinary studies and a diversity of perspectives toward the goal of preparing leaders with theological integrity.
• A focus on ministry: We're committed to providing theologically-informed and competent leadership for local churches and the Church at large through the preparation of both clergy and laity. Through innovative approaches blending classroom content and on-the-ground training, Saint Paul students are able to lead in diverse ministry settings in seminary and beyond.

We believe that this theological education must include rigorous scholarship, lifelong learning, integrated reflection/practice, and a global outlook. When you choose to go to Saint Paul School of Theology for your theology degree, you choose to receive the best academic and religious education possible.

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11 Graduate Program Options Offered

Program Certificate Master's Doctorate
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Located in Leawood, KS

Campuses in both Leawood, Kansas (Greater Kansas City Metro Area), and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Saint Paul Programs

Master of Divinity (MDiv): 79 CREDIT HOURS
The MDiv degree program prepares leaders for ministry in a church setting, chaplaincy, and other forms of religious leadership. Graduates provide leadership in the renewal of the church, demonstrate a critical and practical understanding of the Bible, and obtain the necessary requirements for ordination.

• Evangelism
• Wesleyan Studies
• Women, Society & Church Studies

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM): 38 CREDIT HOURS
The MACM molds students into theologically informed and competent lay and ordained leaders for the local church and beyond. Graduate students will cultivate awareness of the social and cultural contexts in which ministry occurs, promoting the growth of knowledge and skills for competence in a specialized area of ministry. Recently designed, this program meets the academic requirements for ordination as a Deacon in the United Methodist Church.

• Social Justice & Advocacy
• Prophetic Witness & Service
• Deacon Ministries
• UMC Basic Graduate Theological Studies or Advanced Course of Study

Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS): 38 CREDIT HOURS
The MATS program is designed to provide academic grounding in theological studies for students intending to pursue further graduate study or personal academic research. The degree models biblical, historical, and theological studies through rigorous research and writing, culminating in an interdisciplinary capstone project in a chosen specialization.

Doctor of Ministry (DMin): 30 CREDIT HOURS
The DMin is the highest degree in professional ministry and seeks to provide advanced leadership skills. Through study, reflection, engagement, and field research, leaders in ministry reflect more deeply on their theology, identity, and practice, while developing a model of ministry which can be commended to other leaders. Courses are offered online and in a hybrid format for one week each fall and spring semester.

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What students are saying about us...

  • “I loved my time at SPST. I was able to strengthen my faith and build my confidence. I was able to be truly myself here and I will always remember this time as a blessing."

    • Tylar Gregg Grant '23
  • “During my journey at Saint Paul School of Theology, I was consistently challenged and stretched in critical aspects of my being. It was a challenging path related to learning disabilities which SPST accommodated…[and] promoted a safe environment and the means for deeper exploration and healing. I can now trust people and myself. That trust has afforded me the courage to develop dormant leadership skills. I look forward to using the healing and proficiencies developed at Saint Paul to help make Jesus relevant to the jaded while helping the traumatized, marginalized imago Dei.”

    • Karen Mountain '23