10 Excellent Graduate Degrees for Engineers

If you're interested in becoming an engineer, a graduate program just might put you on track to work in the best field for your interests and strengths.

10 Excellent Graduate Degrees for Engineers

Engineering is an exciting and diverse field with an excellent job outlook. Getting a master’s degree in a specialized field of engineering can potentially increase your career satisfaction, opportunities, and earning potential. Following is a look at 10 of the best graduate degrees for engineers.

Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineers create, develop, and test aircraft and spacecraft equipment. A large portion of the job is spent carefully calibrating, operating, and recording tests with computers. An aerospace engineer may work on the same project for years before completion.

Agricultural engineering

Agricultural engineers work in a variety of industries, such as farming, forestry, and fishing. Some focus on conservation, while others focus on designing machines or streamlining food production processes. Many agricultural engineers work for large companies or the government.

Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineers work in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, and education and perform a variety of specialized tasks. Some design medical products, such as artificial limbs, while others maintain and repair advanced biomedical equipment. 

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineers tend to work for large companies that manufacture products such as drugs, food, and chemicals. Some work in highly specialized areas, such as air and water pollution management or semiconductor fabrication.

Civil engineering

Civil engineers are widely recognized because they design and oversee the construction of major infrastructure systems, such as roads, bridges, and buildings. Civil engineers can choose to perform in-office administration or on-site construction supervision.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering professionals design and develop electrical equipment. They also test and oversee the manufacturing process. Most electrical engineers can choose to work in manufacturing or research organizations throughout a variety of industries. A master’s degree in electrical engineering is a great way to further your career potential.

Environmental engineering

Environmental engineers play a critical role in protecting the environment by using the principles of engineering to create unique solutions. These professionals work in a variety of fields and enjoy many different specializations. For example, some work for the government to manage legal permits, while others design and oversee projects that protect the environment.

Health and safety engineering

The unique field of health and safety engineering combines ergonomics with accident prevention and employee safety. Health and safety engineers work in both industrial hygiene and occupational hygiene. Anyone interested in working for OSHA should consider completing a health and safety engineering program.

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering professionals focus on process and efficiency improvements with people, equipment, and workflows. If you're interested in a hands-on job that involves a lot of inspection, coordination, and communication, this is the job for you.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is a popular degree because of the career flexibility it offers. Graduates can choose to design and develop different kinds of equipment and machines, such as motors, dishwashers, and elevators.

Clearly the educational and career possibilities are endless with a graduate degree in engineering!

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