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Video: Top Study Tips

Joe answers three common questions about studying to help you transition from your high school textbooks to your (much thicker) college textbooks.

A big difference between high school and college is the studying aspect. In college, there is a lot more independence, which means there is not always going to be someone to tell you how and when to study. Studying takes a lot of patience and practice, but Joe answers three common questions to get you started. Check out the video below!

How do you take notes? (1:08)

A study conducted by Mueller and Oppenheimer found that students retain information better when they write their notes by hand (2014). Whether or not you decide to type or write your notes is up to you; it may vary depending on the class.

Study groups: What and why? (2:45)

Find a study buddy in each of your classes or join a study group. Being a part of a study group makes it easier to figure things out because you have more brainpower! It also allows you to compare notes in case you missed out on a detail. Some people would rather keep to themselves during lectures, but making at least one friend in class who can give you notes on a day you miss is super helpful.

What are some other tips and tricks? (3:45)

  1. Switch up where you study: The library, your dorm room, a café, or even outside on a nice day.
  2. When you should study: Not the night before an exam! Your grades in college are usually based on a small amount of assignments, so start studying or completing assignments in advance.
  3. Don’t be hard on yourself: Studying is a skill that takes practice, so be patient if it takes you a little while to test trial-and-error methods that work best for you!

Do you have other study tips up your sleeve that you didn't see in this video? Let us know! Subscribe now if you want lots of college help on the regular, and be sure to let us know what you'd like to see by leaving a comment.

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