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What Questions Should I Ask the Student Disabilities Office?
by Eric Endlich, PhD
When it comes to advocating for yourself in college, you want to ask Disability Services the right questions. Here's what our expert recommends.
When to Ask Your School Counselor These Questions
by Phoebe Bain
Need answers about the college search and application process? Don't be afraid to ask your counselor! Here are some important questions you should ask...and when.
Who Can Help Me Complete My Financial Aid Forms?
by Michael Milone, Ph.D.
Applying for financial aid can be complicated, it's smart to seek out help. But who are the right people to ask? Our experts have advice to find helpers.
How might students benefit from a formal mentorship?
by Aaron McDaniel
Mentorship is crucial! Formal mentoring relationships are so important. Find experts and those who have accomplished great things in areas you are interested in.
What Is a Common Application Supplement?
by Jarrid James Whitney, Ed.M.
You may be using the Common Application to apply to school, but have you considered utilizing the Common App supplement? Our experts can fill you in.
What Experiential Learning Looks Good on a Resume?
by Donald K. Sherman
Experiential learning is an important part of college and can be a strong section in your resume that could land you a job. Here's what the experts say.
Can I Be a Teacher Without Getting a Teaching Degree?
by Jessica Tomer
Did you realize your love for teaching after majoring in something else? Our experts have the answer to how you can still fulfill your passion for teaching.
My standardized test scores are lower than my school choices require; can I still apply?
by Cyndy McDonald
Talk to an admission representative at the school and ask that question. If you have extenuating circumstances, such as a learning disability or illness that contributes to your low test scores, the colleges might take that into consideration.
If I don't qualify for a merit scholarship, will other financial aid be available?
by Joan Isaac Mohr
Transfer students may be eligible for federal or state grants, work-study, or loans based on financial need. All colleges will ask that you file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and some will also ask that you file the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE. Make sure you provide the information requested by a college.
Help! I'm Not Sure if I Should Go to College
by William T. Conley; Karen P. Condeni; Cyndy McDonald;
Is college right for you? These college admission experts weigh in.
What Are Common Application Mistakes Students Should Avoid?
by John Chopka
Students often worry about a mistake on their college application affecting their admission. Here are common things to look out for that our experts suggest.
Should I Defer a Year So I Can Receive In–State Tuition?
by Joan Isaac Mohr
Sometimes in-state tuition is worth changing your college plans for. Our experts have advice on taking a year off to get in-state tuition.